I haven't done many projects lately, but I have been working on my new gun. The 360 Bow! This gun has many different kinds of ammo such as spread-shot, oddammo, and single shot. The spread shot is a 3 shot spread, the oddammo is mag fed, and the single shot is well single shot.

  • True Trigger
  • Different Types of Ammo
  • Powerful
  • Magazine
  • Comfortable
  • Compact
Well leave me a comment of what you think about the gun!

jaykal012 months ago

please post how to make it

tytiger334 years ago
Is this going to be posted?
james44 years ago
tht eez a\/\/3s0/\/\
Now that i think of it, it looks like the Sweet revenge mixed with logic bow and made to shoot oodammo :o
slimshaddy4 years ago
cool will it be posted 5*
KnexFreak360 (author)  slimshaddy4 years ago
IDK we'll see
DJ Radio4 years ago
While this has been done in better iterations (double barreled oodammo bows from KI for example), this seems like a respectable effort. However the handle needs some work and so does the actual bow IMO. Also I know not many people know about it, but go on my Youtube page and look at my handle pump TR video. I show a nice way to make the stock you are using more comfortable in that video.
Not bad :D
~KGB~4 years ago
I likey =D The bow looks a little unstable though.
not that good looking but it gets the job done