I haven't done many projects lately, but I have been working on my new gun. The 360 Bow! This gun has many different kinds of ammo such as spread-shot, oddammo, and single shot. The spread shot is a 3 shot spread, the oddammo is mag fed, and the single shot is well single shot.

  • True Trigger
  • Different Types of Ammo
  • Powerful
  • Magazine
  • Comfortable
  • Compact
Well leave me a comment of what you think about the gun!

<p>please post how to make it</p>
Is this going to be posted?<br>
tht eez a\/\/3s0/\/\
Now that i think of it, it looks like the Sweet revenge mixed with logic bow and made to shoot oodammo :o
cool will it be posted 5*
IDK we'll see
While this has been done in better iterations (double barreled oodammo bows from KI for example), this seems like a respectable effort. However the handle needs some work and so does the actual bow IMO. Also I know not many people know about it, but go on my Youtube page and look at my handle pump TR video. I show a nice way to make the stock you are using more comfortable in that video.
i thought the same thing
Not bad :D
I likey =D The bow looks a little unstable though.
not that good looking but it gets the job done<br>

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