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Hello there everyone! This is a K'nex 3 dimensional spiral I made a few months ago. You can make it as big as you want, depending on amounts of pieces. I made a sort of medium size one just to demonstrate the purpose of this cool object. Please post feedback and subscribe!

Step 1: Pieces

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There is not a set number of pieces you should use, so use this to decide how many pieces you need:

Take any number of yellow rods (over 20) and call it y

The number of green rods is y - 20

The number of yellow connectors is 2y

The number of orange connectors is 2y - 40

If you find any of these piece values are negative, then make sure you have over 20 yellow rods to begin with.

Now, let's BUILD!

Step 2: Build

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This is the the stage where you (obviously) build the model

1) Lay the flat model out. Leave the short ends of 20 of the yellow rods free.

2) Close up. Make sure all yellow all yellow rods are pushed right to the end.

3-6) Views of the top and bottom

7) Complete! Start attaching where shown in pic one to spiral-ify it

Step 3: Uses

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There are many uses for this. Here are some:

1) Gaze at it in wonder

2) Drop the ball in the top and watch it spiral down (if you use this in a ball machine please give me credit).

3) Roll it along the floor and it looks cool

4) Make one out of micro K'nex and hang it on your Christmas tree (or around the house)

5) Post it in the comments box along with a picture and I will add it to this step

Have fun!!


koolcoasterkid (author)2013-12-01

Wow pretty cool. Looks really eye catching. Does the ball just drop down the center or does it follow the edge?

I may have to use this on my ball machine!

Thanks! :D The ball does follow the edge if the ball comes in at an angle.

dragon#1 (author)2013-11-19

cool. its soooo spiraly.

epicpenguin13 (author)dragon#12013-11-19

Thanks! :)

dragon#1 (author)epicpenguin132013-11-20

no problem. its awesome

I was wondering if that would work in a ball machine, but according to you, it would.

I think it would work in a ball machine, but I have dismantled it and I'm not quite sure if you could connect it on to the frame :3

Ah, that makes sense...

sandroknexmaster (author)2013-11-18

Wow, that's nice!

Cheers :D

FlyingFish10 (author)2013-11-18

Oooh... The gun in your profile pic...

hunter999 (author)2013-11-18

Looks very cool, now to incorporate this into a ball machine! But how reliable is the ball falling off the sides? Does it have to be directly vertical up when in a ball machine?

epicpenguin13 (author)hunter9992013-11-18

Thanks! To put it in a ball machine (I think) you have to make sure that the yellow rods are facing long end up so that the ball does not fling off the sides. Also, the ball would have to have some speed already if the spiral was tilted, especially if your spiral is longer than the one on this instructable.

epicpenguin13 (author)2013-11-18

Thanks! :) I have never tried it in a ball machine though so it might not work as well as it does when on its own.

Sorunome (author)epicpenguin132013-11-18

it works well, i can confirm ;)

Raz1r Knex Bull3t (author)2013-11-17

This is very unique and creative! Well done. : )

Thanks! :D

Sorunome (author)2013-11-18

Now this is what you call cool-looking!

epicpenguin13 (author)Sorunome2013-11-18

Thank you! :D

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