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Introduction: Knex 4 Legged Walking Robot

About: I like to build. I've been playing and experimenting with lego and knex since I was 5. My username uses to be AliveGuest123, now its Forgotten_Memories

The K'nex walking robot I built is inspired by

This is also my first instructable, so sorry if you don't understand some parts.
There will be no parts list, sorry.

Step 1: The Body.

You'll need 2 of these.

Step 2: Body ( 2 )

Add the construction from the previous part onto the motor. After that, attach a yellow rod into the motor with 4 blue spacers and 2 purple pieces on.
Don't forget to add 2 red rods as shown, along with the spacers and such.

Step 3: Legs.

Make four of these.

Step 4: Legs ( 2 )

Make these with the previous construction. Along with the neon and black thing.

Step 5: Back Legs.

Make these, remember that the legs are left and right, so don't make 2 left legs or 2 right legs.

Step 6: Adding Legs to Body.

Do as shown.

Step 7: Adding Legs on ( 2 )

Watch carefully!

Step 8: Finalizing Your Walker.

Add neon pieces and spacers to the parts where there is a large gap and where pieces will easily slip out.

Step 9: Making Sure Your Robot Is Exactly What the Instructions Say!

Here are a few images of the walker in different angles, just so you don't do anything wrong.

Step 10: Experiment!

I'm not sure if this can walk on carpet, I only tested it on hard wood floor and a leather-ish texture.
So why not experiment!
Add wheels with tires to legs, make shorter legs, longer legs, see if you can upgrade it to walk up slopes!

Sorry if you got confused because of the lack of knoledge I have of making instructions.
Anyways, have fun with your walking robot!

Please comment and give some feedback! Really appreciate it.



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It'd be nice if you showed each piece and how to build it. I'm only at step 4 and I'm lost on what to do.

Built two of them with my kids this afternoon. Be warned, not all knew motors are equal. We had to work with one them to walk.

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Oh... Which motor didn't work? Was it one of the weaker, stronger, slower, faster etc?

What a fun project! I'd love to see a video of it walking!

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