This is a knex pistol that I made. Its actually my first knex gun ever.

Step 1: First Side

This is one side of the body and the handle.

Step 2: The Middle Gun

This is the middle of the gun where the trigger is and all the guides for the ram and bullets.

Step 3: The Other Side

This is the other side of the gun.

Step 4: Ram, Mag Pusher, Loading It, and Rubber Bands.

This how to build the ram, mag pusher, where to put the rubber bands, and how to load it.
it look nice. but if you reload, the bullets are stuck. <br>
i'm not that good at building things out of k'nex (i'm a newbie as some would say) and i built this gun in under than 30 mins<br>he didnt need to add anything else, the pics were good and the sentences were (sometimes) quite helpful
Thank you.
np<br>i love knex and i find it very fun to build and to shoot people and test the accuracy with certain guns
version 1.3 = <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/17-shot-knex-pistol-Mount/
i modded it, and made a slideshow. <br>also made a mount for it. <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-10-shot-pistol-mount/ <br>thats the link <br>awesome gun 5* rated <br> <br>lorzhenk
what bullets does it shoot
Yellow rods.
needs way more words than one sentence
On the right hand side is the green rod inbetween th 5th and last ment to be missing?
Do u have to put those silver wheel things on the handle or not reply soon j am building
No, its just added comfort.
hey u treid making the mag bigger?
Yep, if you go to slideshow for this the mag is bigger.
where is da slidshow?
Find it on my profile.
bro i just made knex freeks hellslayer
oh yea big time
alright ill try
YAY my 1100th comment!!!
your welcome all my freinds say its so cool :D
It is cool. :D
i got to admit best knex gun ever!!!
I wouldn't go that far bro. But thanks. :D
i made it so powerful shoots through 4 cans lol
I want to see some pics bro.
YAY!!! Someone made it. lol
Yep lol!
You like it???
Yes!!!!!!!!! its the first shoting knex gun that I have made!!!!!!!!!!!! SO KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!
Cool, Glad you like it so much.
very good knex gun good job
Thanks so much
thanks a lot
You're welcome!!!!
:O :U
What are those faces???
Shock, and Louis Face. (Louis Face is the face louis makes when he is turned around looking at Zoey in the movie Louis Try To Get His Pills.)
OK, thanks for lettin me now.
You are welcome.
Hmmmmmmm faces I made up lol ok stop commeting!

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