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Introduction: Knex 5 Shot Pistol

About: Formerly was "Legofanatic". It's been a while since I have been on here but I'm thinking about making a come back. Maybe some BMX Instructables and maybe some other stuff hear and there.

This is a knex pistol that I made. Its actually my first knex gun ever.

Step 1: First Side

This is one side of the body and the handle.

Step 2: The Middle Gun

This is the middle of the gun where the trigger is and all the guides for the ram and bullets.

Step 3: The Other Side

This is the other side of the gun.

Step 4: Ram, Mag Pusher, Loading It, and Rubber Bands.

This how to build the ram, mag pusher, where to put the rubber bands, and how to load it.



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    it look nice. but if you reload, the bullets are stuck.

    i'm not that good at building things out of k'nex (i'm a newbie as some would say) and i built this gun in under than 30 mins
    he didnt need to add anything else, the pics were good and the sentences were (sometimes) quite helpful

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    i love knex and i find it very fun to build and to shoot people and test the accuracy with certain guns

    version 1.3 =

    i modded it, and made a slideshow.
    also made a mount for it.
    thats the link
    awesome gun 5* rated


    needs way more words than one sentence

    On the right hand side is the green rod inbetween th 5th and last ment to be missing?

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    Do u have to put those silver wheel things on the handle or not reply soon j am building

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    No, its just added comfort.

    Yep, if you go to slideshow for this the mag is bigger.

    bro i just made knex freeks hellslayer