Knex 8-Sided Die!




Introduction: Knex 8-Sided Die!

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This is a really simple die you can make in about 5 minutes!

Its not your traditional die with 6 sides so you cant use this for common board games and things like that, but rather stuff like choosing who goes first via the highest number, or deciding how many seconds to count for hide and seek, multiplied by 10. But really you can choose what you want to do with it.

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Step 1: Parts List

Not many parts needed :P
  • Y Clips - 16
  • Yellow Rods - 8
  • White 8-way connectors - 2
Next step!

Step 2: Make the Sides

No instructions needed here, just look at the picture.

Step 3: Connect Them Together

Look at the picture again, no instructions needed.

Step 4: The Numbers

Follow the instructions
  1. Grab a piece of paper the width of a yellow rod
  2. Tape it onto one of the yellow rods
  3. Wrap it around an sellotape it again
  4. Draw the numbers 1-8 on all sides.

Step 5: Have Fun! :P

You're done!

Use the dice for whatever your heart desires!

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    Excuse that double post down there. WTF

    Turn it into a slot machine or something, like DJ Radio said.

    Turn it into a slot machine or something, like DJ Radio said.

    This is pretty neat, but it feels like a missed opportunity. You could have put it on a giant lever machine and made the ible 5 times as awesome. Just an idea.

    I watched the Youtube vid before I saw the ible and I thought that you would be killing knex xD "Knex Die" :D :D :D

    So simple, but so creative. I love it!

    Nice and simple. :-) But there is one problem... I don't think I have enough pieces to build it. :-(

    4 replies

    1T's 0k, u'll B pr0 lyk m3 sumd4y

    Its ok, you will be pro like me someday?

    Yay! Hope i become pro like you ;)