This is my 8 shot revolver that I built. It has my personal handle design and my personal turret design. Please comment an rate. I hope you like it.

this reminds me of halo 1 magnum with the thing on top of the revolving thing
Looks.... Not that good. Try to make it look more 'smooth': better and smaller barrel...
I cant make it more smooth due to where the ram rod has to be and I couldnt for the life of me figure out a better front.
ok, what you want :-)
I want the front to look like an actual barrel of a revolver and the top white connectors being yellow ones. XD Ima work on it a little later.
ok, make it yellow ones :P
Its harder than you think. BTW, did u see my newest gun???
yes, i already gave my critism (xD)
LOL, I didnt see it...
Arent you gona comment on it???
i already did?
Im talking about my M41-A Pulse Rifle....
i know that, i said it could be much more upgraded, i gave it a 3*...
(comment removed by 3* rifle)
eh... its ok, better than my attempts
lol, thanks
Theres been better ones
None by you.
I don't wanna hate you<br><br>But you just make me
I'm very good at that.
thats whyNobody likes you
He has a point there, EVERYBODY hates you.
who's hated? visper or MM?
I know, couldn't figure out a better front.
Go check out<br><br>Knexfreek's Assasin<br>Hiyadudez's HTP<br>
Ok, thanks
Far inferior to what we already have right now.
I know, I just wanted to try my hands at making one.
Your welcome!
kepp the good work up!
I will thanks.
It's not horrible, but it looks like it was made in a couple hours... Why don't you try taking off the front bit, so you can use oodammo.
If ima do that then ima take the whole front off.
Looks pretty messy, but nice handle.
Its not that messy and thanks.

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