K'nex Ball Contraption- the Prize





Introduction: K'nex Ball Contraption- the Prize

This is our largest and most complex ball contraption to date. It took nine months to build, has multiple unique elements, two lifts and sixteen different paths. It took approximately 31,000 pieces to constuct and over 100 lbs. of K'nex. Individual photos of the elements can be posted. Please comment and let me know which elements you would like to see up close.




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    Are you the same person who built knex in the apartment?

    I believe the person just took it off of our youtube page and claimed that they had built it with their neighbor

    Oh right, sorry. So you're the real deal! Very nice job done here and excellent choice of music. Hanz Zimmer <3 The prize has always been one of my favourites, phenomenal job. :-)

    Thanks! I greatly appreciate all of the positive comments. ya the music seemed to fit very well, my bro choose the music. This was our second contraption that we built together, combining all of our pieces and different styles of building really seemed to come together. Over this past Christmas break, I started constructing an even larger more complex one. It's going to be quite the project!

    Cool! I look forward, this ball machine raised the bar in 2012 for ball machines lol :-)

    I remember seeing this ages ago on YouTube and thinking how awesome it was, and it still is! This was one of my all time favourites, before I got into ball machine building.

    Thanks! I was considering getting on instructables back in 2011 when I found out about the sight but never got around to it until recently when I decided to embark on the adventure of my latest contraption. I have a whole range of favorites for ball machines, I think all of the builders have a unique spin to their creations, ut I do really enjoy ones like yours and austrons that emcompass the entire outskirts of the room!

    The Prize always reminds me of the time that I just started posting machines on youtube, which is already a few years ago (which is quite a long when talking about the internet). This machine still belongs to my favourites, excellent work!

    Thanks a lot! Really appreciate it