This my fellow knexers it an updated version of the 9LRMS Shotgun. It has a.. READ THE STATS ALREADY!!!!

Very Powerful
Great range 30 - 50 ft
Removable Mag
New handle
GDS (Grey dot sight)
Easy to maintain

Mag might mess up (rare though)


Are, you still going to post it?
eh, I never really liked this style of shotgun, I always found the mag system to finiky, Personally I prefer the multiple rods down the barrel style, it allows the gun to fire multiple types of ammo with minimal fuss. <br> <br>Personally I think the best shotgun that is posted is my FSSG, just cause its so robust, reliable and because it can easily be modded to fire oodammo like a normal single shot, I included pictures of it and the Razor below, coz I can.
Those guns looks great =D
the FSSG was the better shotgun <br>
Looks interesting...but how exactly is this handle new? ._.
Well, its not exactly new; its &quot;new&quot; because its different than the old one lol. And thank you =D
Well then, I stand corrected! Good job with this, looks interesting.
Thanks, and wait for my new crossbow tomorrow lol.
I've had enough of crossbows for the time being, honestly :P
Oh well =D
cool, : )
Thank you man =D
nos problemos :D
Nice one =D
Cheers mate =D
np =D
sweet i want even more now lol =D
your welcome and im always ready for whatever you make lol =D
Thank you =D Be ready for the mini Creeping Death then =D
Quite good :D
Thank you as always =D
Awesome you posting? Because I'll definitely build.
I might post it =D It does need like 4 broken pieces though =(
Thank you DJ Radio.
nice 4.5*
Thank you sir! =D
Thank you =D
You are welcome.

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