Hello mates and iblers =D I present to you a 9 layered mag-fed that features a re.. OH just read the stats lol.

Good range 20-30 ft
Removable Mag
Shoots 3 projectiles at once
Looks great 
Very High ROF

Short ranged

Credits to KnexFreek and Oblivitus for the basic idea.

Nice and chunky :D
Why yes, it is rather thick for a knex gun. The BSAS gun was probably my "biggest" overall pin-gun. The BSAS weighed about 3lbs/1.3 Kg, 9 layers thick, and much bigger (longer) than this old gun. And thank you for the comment btw. :)
well most shotguns are short ranged so its not really a con
I know =D The effective range of a Mossberg 500 is like 110 ft I think lol. And do you like the gun?
yea and around lethal 60ft can go the far but it would just feel like a bee sting
Thats true =D And you just gave me my 2,600th comment lol.
Yep, you did lol.
Nice shotgun 4.5*
Thank you =) This is my favorite sidearm lol.
Neat gun! =D
Cheers =D
Thank you =D
I am now officially subscribed to you. XD
LOL I gave you a comment on your OB =D
Are you going to post? I just have a feeling that it's more powerful than the TD's shotgun type thing that TheFoofinator improved. I think I have mods to mak the gun look better. So I wanted to build it and give you a picture.
Yea I might as-well post it lol. Ive been posting more of my stuff lol =D
Lol, one minute ago.
Im one of the fastest replyers lol =D
Thank you =D This is my favorite secondary lol =D
Dude you promised the the reverse crossbow instructions so where are they?
awesome i want it
Thank you =D I just might post this one too lol.
Thank you =D This thing is the widest gun ive made lol.
your welcome =D sweet lol
What does it shoot?
It shoots Grey connectors and orange connectors attached by a green rod =D 3 at once. And Your opinion on the gun?
IIts good, but the handle could use some work :D
Thats true lol. Its just kinda hard to get a handle that fits the gun lol.
Well thank you =D This gun is basic lol but the clip is what makes it cool; it fires 3 projectiles per shot and the clip is removable =D
It was broken like a week ago lol. I ended up getting a new one lol =D And do you like the gun?
Nice lol =D
Cheers to you mate =D
no prob =D
This is my fattest gun lol. And my second removable mag one =D
lol XD sounds good

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