Knex - A10 Thunderbolt (Warthog)





Introduction: Knex - A10 Thunderbolt (Warthog)

I've had the A10 for a while now, but didn't really have the time to make an instrucable for it until now. So here it is :)

We will need the following parts:

-White: 5  
-Yellow: 15
-Green: 1
-Red: 9
-Orange: 34
-Dark Gray: 9
-Light Gray: 2
-Tan: 18

-Gray: 10
-Red: 2
-Yellow: 26
-Blue: 13
-White: 16
-Green: 12

Step 1: Create the Upper Part of the Fuselage

For this airplane, the fuselage and the cockpit will be the most difficult parts. So if you can get through those steps, then you're pretty much all set.

Step 2: Create Lower Part of Fuselage

The lower part of the fuselage is a little more complicated. I hope you can see everything.

By the way, for the red connector near the right end, don't connect it's middle socket to the bottom gray rod. Just connect to the two gray rods on the side.

Step 3: Connect the Upper Fuselage to the Lower Fuselage

Connect the bottom gray rod to the two yellow connectors, connect the two gray rods on the side to the two gray connectors, and connect the orange connector to the yellow rod.

Step 4: Create the Nose and Cockpit

Step 5: Connect the Nose to the Fuselage

This is a little tricky. I suggest connecting the bottom part first, and then working your way up to the cockpit.

Step 6: Create the Wings and Connect Them to the Fuselage

Alright we're finally through with the difficult parts. The rest will be pretty easy.

Step 7: Create the Engines and Connect Them to the Fuselage

Step 8: Create the Tail and Connect It to the Fuselage

Step 9: The Completed A10 Thunderbolt

The end product. Be careful it's a little fragile :)



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    Awsome! I like the circular engines round the back, they really up the looks. Do you have metallics? This would look epic in mettalics.

    9 replies

    Hm...I dont realy know of any other places. You can try googling it, but it might not be that reliable.

    Talk about reliable, I've been scammed on the internet like 10 times losing a rough total of $2,000.

    Wow that's crazy. I was scammed once for $50 using Google shopping. So now I just use amazon, ebay, and some well-known sites.

    Where is the 30 mm cannon the warthog is known for


    Dude friggin epicness My fav. jet or Air-To-Ground Plane is the A-10!!!!!!!!!!!

    1 reply

    no, go away, kksssht don't copy every thing you like ksssht

    I like how you set out the pieces, that really helps people who don't know how many pieces, and if they have enough.
    Me, personally, i have enough to make at least 20 of these