The only thing thats really adaptable about this gun is the sights. You could have it be able to have a removable mag but I was too lazy to do it. The gun looks a lot better when it's actually in your hands. Anyways, on to pros and cons.

Looks great
True bolt action
Shell ejecting
Very reliable (most of the time) :D

Sometimes jams
Sometimes the bullet snags and doesn't go that far

Anyways I hope you guys like this knex rifle. Remember to comment, rate, and subscribe. Thank you.
Subbed. Pretty good L96 out of knex :3
If you're ever going to make a v2, lenghten the pin guide, remove the shell system and add a removable mag with internal pusher.
I already made the v2 and did none of those things i havent posted yet though
Especially the pin guide lenghtening will make the gun alot more powerful
yeah but i'll have to change a lot of it though
This looks great man! Love it.
I built a true bolt action. It wasn't as good as this one.
oh cool are you going to post it or no?
No, That thing was terrible. XD. <br />Im posting My (BM's) M4a1 s-systema; Coming up next.
Oh nice
This looks amazing :D maybe ill build :P
Cool :D
i cant figure out exactly what goes goes in the shell ejecting area
I'll try and post it today so you can see
You gonna post this?
You still going to post it?
When are you posting it? (also, do you roughly know how many yellow and white connectors it uses?)
soon 100 yellow 70 white exactly for both
Ok, thanks for that =D
yup =D
my bad 102 yellow
looks cool, will you post instructions =D
yup =D
=D =D =D =D =D =D=D =D
so about how much longer till you post =D
not sure I've had to do quite a bit of homework latley
yeah i'm still going to post
So i just finished making it and i made a removable mag for it. and i have to say this gun is indeed pretty nifty.
thank you
Is this really bolt action? Does the bolt push the bullet out of the magazine and into a separate chamber? Anyway, 5 stars, faved, and a sub. =D
mostly true bolt action and thanks =D
Which means no.
No problem. =D
'That is a pretty good gun you have there' said the small space elephant <br>
why thank you lol :D
I like this. It's cool looking and has neat qualities. I'm not sure if this is a true-bolt action or not, (where the bolt pushes the bullet into a separate chamber ready to be hit by the ram).
thanks and i know its mostly true bolt action
Awesome! I love the looks of it =D
Thanks =D
no problem =D

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