Time to get started. :D

Step 1: Internals Part 1


Step 2: Internals Part Two

Keep building!

Step 3: Ram, Sight, and Mag Ram

Almost done. :D

Step 4: Scopes (Optional)

Just in case you want to make them. :)
<p>its been 3 years</p><p>built it twice</p><p>it never worked :(</p>
What part(s) didn't work?
The only problem i can find with this is the weak trigger,so i will eventually work on that, but it is still a good gun =)
Yeah i know i'm not very good at triggers =)
lolim turning this into an elephant gun xD
nice lol
it shoots rounds bigger than grey rods XD
what would it shoot then? :D
orange-orange-orange-orange-orange-grey(the - is a green rod) Its something like that =D
haha nice =D
it shot with a ton of power(I accidently shot myself in the foot) but only decent range =D
cool =D
Hmmmmmm.. I will build it soon. After I make I.A.C.'s repeating crossbow.
You're going to build I.A.C.'s repeating crossbow? You must have a lot of K'nex. I have built it before, and it was a long and hard build. It is a very large gun that can throw large chunks of K'nex 100 feet, and it was worth the build. I would recommend sorting your parts before you build it, so you don't have to go digging around to find pieces while you're building.
I got plenty but I got to trash a couple of my guns to make it.
How much K'nex do you have now after making the crossbow?
70 yellow connectors a tr-18, ZKAR with a skeletonized stock, my modded break action rifle, a short barreled Knex Mad lever action gun with no stock, a G36K by Seleziona, a REMPAR-2, a Desperado by KnexFreak, a WASP, and 2 17 round mags from the TBAR.
Wow! You have a lot of K'nex. I have about 700 yellow connectors and around 1500 green rods.
who is I.A.C.?
I.A.C. is just an abbreviation for I_am_Canadian.
he really must have a lot of knex
Are you talking about I.A.C. ?
oh ok thanks
No problem.
Good thing I keep all 25-30 lb of my knex sorted.
I sorted my K'nex before I built I.A.C.'s crossbow, but now it has gotten unsorted again. =(
The only problem i can find with this is the weak trigger,so i will eventually work on that, but it is still a good gun =)
=) =) =) =)
how many spliced grey cons does this use
6. Four are just the top part of the circles cut off and the other two are slanted as you see in step 1 picture 3
how far does this shoot?
50-55 ft

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