Knex ABR (Build)





Introduction: Knex ABR (Build)

Time to get started. :D

Step 1: Internals Part 1


Step 2: Internals Part Two

Keep building!

Step 3: Ram, Sight, and Mag Ram

Almost done. :D

Step 4: Scopes (Optional)

Just in case you want to make them. :)



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    The only problem i can find with this is the weak trigger,so i will eventually work on that, but it is still a good gun =)

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    orange-orange-orange-orange-orange-grey(the - is a green rod) Its something like that =D

    it shot with a ton of power(I accidently shot myself in the foot) but only decent range =D

    You're going to build I.A.C.'s repeating crossbow? You must have a lot of K'nex. I have built it before, and it was a long and hard build. It is a very large gun that can throw large chunks of K'nex 100 feet, and it was worth the build. I would recommend sorting your parts before you build it, so you don't have to go digging around to find pieces while you're building.

    70 yellow connectors a tr-18, ZKAR with a skeletonized stock, my modded break action rifle, a short barreled Knex Mad lever action gun with no stock, a G36K by Seleziona, a REMPAR-2, a Desperado by KnexFreak, a WASP, and 2 17 round mags from the TBAR.