Introduction: Knex ACOG Gun Sight

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This is my ACOG scope (Advanced Combat Optical Gun Sight for those of you who don't know), it is pretty simple but can be a little flimsy.

Pic 1: The gun by itself
Pic 2: Aiming down the Sight
Pic 3: ACOG sight attaches to untd103's shotgun (
Pic 4: Sight attached to Kinetik's Semi Auto Knex Gun (

Anyway, onto step 1

Step 1: Getting the Pieces

Picture of Getting the Pieces

Pretty simple, just getting the pieces (and making some)

Pic 1: Make these
Pic 2: Make these
Pic 3: Make these (again)
Pic 4: Get these
Pic 5: Get these as well

Step 2: Putting It Together

Picture of Putting It Together

The last part to this "short" instructable

Pic 1: Easy, make this
Pic 2: Put the long orange blue gray rod thing on with the dark blue rod from step 1 pic 4
Pic 3: Attach the Snowflake piece to the gray rod side
Pic 4: Attach the snowflake with the Y connectors to the blue rod side
Pic 5: Put on these 2 rod hybrids on the very top like so
Pic 6: Another image
Pic 7: Put on 2 of the 4 short rod hybrids onto the side
Pic 8: Attach the other 2 of 4 to the other side
Pic 9: Attach the remaining rods from step 1 pic 4

Hope you like my sight, any questions ask


black ops (author)2011-08-19

acog gun sight is in your title that means advanced combat optical gunsight gun sight no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its acog advanced combat optical gunsight

Crumble (author)black ops2011-08-21

Nice to know someones monitering my english grammar out there...

pinderfish (author)2010-12-10

i like it, theres not many acog scopes around, please may i use it on my barrett 50 cal?

Crumble (author)pinderfish2010-12-10

Yeh, sure good luck

pinderfish (author)Crumble2010-12-10

thanks i mean look at my old scope

Crumble (author)pinderfish2010-12-10

I see what you mean...

pinderfish (author)Crumble2010-12-10

yes but it was actualy a design i made when i made my first knex sniper rifle (which was terrible) so it has some history. but the acog is much better:)

Crumble (author)pinderfish2010-12-10


pinderfish (author)Crumble2010-12-10

have you ever tried building a revolver out of knex because i have tried but got stuck on the cylinder

Crumble (author)pinderfish2010-12-10

never thought about it really, but i might try after i hav finished posting my red dot sight

pinderfish (author)Crumble2010-12-13

your red dot has vanished i cant find it any where heres my barrett with the red dot fixed to it

Crumble (author)pinderfish2010-12-14

...some reason it has been moved to the unpublished section(?)

pinderfish (author)Crumble2010-12-14

there was a comment that was from admin or something saying it was not long enough to be an instructable so that may be what it means. what do you think of the red dot on my barrett ?

Crumble (author)pinderfish2010-12-15

It looks pretty good, but i dont thnk sniper rifles and red dot sights mix together to well, still, it looks better on the barrett than on my crossbow :P

pinderfish (author)Crumble2010-12-15

i just use it as it makes my barret slightly more reliable as it does not catch on the round when it fires giving it a longer range. you should work on a rail system. do you have any pics of your crossbow?

Crumble (author)pinderfish2010-12-16

What do you mean by a rail system?

pinderfish (author)Crumble2010-12-17

Like attatchment rail for changing sights fast or adding a grenade launcher

Crumble (author)pinderfish2010-12-16

Yep, tho it isn't my design, i got it off youtube. it is very accurate (to a certain degree) and has a flat tragectory.

pinderfish (author)Crumble2010-12-13

the red dot is there its just my phone camera didnt pick it up

pinderfish (author)Crumble2010-12-10

sounds good

~KGB~ (author)2010-12-04

pretty kool

Crumble (author)~KGB~2010-12-05

Thx, im thinking of making a red dot sight soon as well (hopefully)

~KGB~ (author)Crumble2010-12-05


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