Hey guys, this is my new K'nex Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG). It is based on the ACOG from Barrax's Intervention, but is a lot simpler and can fit to most guns (with a bit of modding). So sit back and get  your pieces ready, cos this is a good 'un!     

Parts list:
Green rod - 9
Blue rod - 7
Dark Grey connector - 4
Orange connector  - 10
Yellow connector - 8
Modded yellow - 2
Odd orange half snowflake - 1

Now, to put things straight, if you say ACOG Scope (Like IW does) then you're saying Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight SCOPE, which makes no sense whatsoever. 

Step 1: Body

This step shows you how to make the scope.
1) Make these pieces
2) These pieces make up the top of the scope. Make them as well.
 3) Make this piece. The odd orange connector is used to create the reticule
 4/5/6) Add the pieces to the body panels as shown

Step 2: Connection

1) Modify these yellow connectors as shown
2) add them to the scope
3) add them to your gun!
You've just finished making a K'nex ACOG. Now go use it responsibly.
@H1T4TCH1 holy crap your dog looks like mine1 <br>
Hey man, just finished mine and put it on my Knexsayer. Awesome work.<br> <br> Couldn't get pictures on because phone cable is kinda broken...<br> <br> Seeya.<br>
nice i just made it
nice. any pics?
Too small.
well, anyway a lot of the time small optics work better. It's compact, easy to use and is very effective
how do you know it isn't a small make of ACOG. Try looking at PMG, then see the range of ACOGs you can get
ALOT like my red dot scope (and mine doesnt use modified pieces) heres some pics
yeah, well a lot of people use the gold track connector as a sight as it's small and grants great peripheral vision But good scope!
yeh but they provide the same sight but mine doesnt have any modified pieces cause trust me, people arent gonna cut pieces for a sight
In truth, I only used the modded pieces because I had them available. I originally cut them for my SCAR, and when i took that apart to make Barrax's ACR i needed to use them.<br> But you could replace them with hinges, and then connect a light grey connector to the rear of the sight. Works the same
ok sorry bro i didnt know
Very sorry about this, but the image uploader seems to be going through a mad phase right now. I hope to have the images for the Intro and Step 1 uploaded by tomorrow (27th July) but if i'm unable i may delete this instructable and start a new one&lt;br&gt; once again sorry for any inconveniences&nbsp;

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