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Introduction: K'nex AK-47

About: Hey there. I won't add too much info here, as it'll show up as one big paragraph.
Hello there. This is a modded version of TwistedParadox's AK-47 model. The biggest change is the stock. I changed it to a more realistic one (which basicly is a slightly altered Puddock/Blue Mullet AK stock). Furthermore, I made a set of attachments for it. Including:
- Shorter barrel
- Wire stock
- Vertical front grip
- Flash hider thingy

I hope you like it



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    Thanks :D It's already broken up a long time ago. I can make it again soon though, as Tuesday is my last final exam, and then post it. It's not too hard

    snap ik
    ik snap soms echt niet dat mensen zo veel knex hebben dat ze iets van 4 van die mega guns kunnen maken en dan nog een kleine
    das echt best raar

    Hehe, sommige hebben inderdaad echt superveel. Maar vaak kun je via ebay (of in Nederland via marktplaats.nl) redelijk veel knex vinden voor weinig geld)