K'nex AK-47 Model





Introduction: K'nex AK-47 Model

Alrighty then.

I have seen so many of these so I think its about time I tried my hand at one of them. Not entirely original but it was the best design. (kudos to Bakenbitz/Atlas for the grip)

It features a removable magazine with the switch in the correct place (in the trigger guard) but the rear sight is a bit too far back. :( The front sight is almost entirely right except for the lack of a point in the middle due to a lack of small pieces that work. The gun is exactly the same length as the real deal.

Does not fire for those who don't understand what a model is.



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i LOVE AK47s, could you please make tutorial :D

Gee, I wish I was as good at making knex guns like you and everyone else. I suck at making knex guns on my own

thats an awesome knex gun. can you give me more instructions

Fantastic! 5 out of 5.

WTF, wasn't that just pointless.

dear twistedparadox i have been searching youtube,google and ibles for an good ak-47 and then i found this i was suprised and want instructions for this beast

black ops

Ik kan misschien wel wat helpen, ziet er niet zo moeilijk uit. Als je wilt kun je wel vragen voor wat hulp