Step 3: Fake Barrel And...duh...another Part.

1-2. Fake barrel nothing complicated.
3-4. Front of fake barrel with front site.
5. ...and putting it on.
6. That other part. Just grab two gray rods and stick 'em in.
7. Slide these two pieces in.
8. And then connect

Wow this is the longest step yet!
Its sad that 60% of Call Of Duty players dont know the differance between an AK47 AND AK74.<br><br>C.O.D making people gun experts since 2003.
I wanna see an AK74U!!
your trigger is pro i love it<br>
The dunkis can you make the gun shoot further and post an instructable for that one?
This is a really old weapon. I don't have the pieces to make a full AK-74, though I would if I could. I might be able to make an AK-74u.
I like your stock i could never think of that <br>
It's horrid by today's standards. But it worked at the time.
what's the range?
Oh um... I can't remember very well. Let's see with two #64s tied together I think I got like 8 yards shooting straight no angle. Don't quote me on that though it might be even worse or even better. I never messure and I suck at estimating.
for sum reason i cant seam to bild it can you help<br>
Looks good, jams every bullet,mag breaks off all the time,(does not detatch, rather breaks).
is this worth building?
No. The only guns posted that are worth building would be my oodassault, UMP, and BAW (posted by someone else, search BAW). Otherwise I haven't really made much recently.
insted of tape couldent you just use a bigger rod and tan clip or gray rod on the end of them ?
that would interfere with the trigger moving up into the gun. if you didn't notice, white rods don't have room for stuff on the end if they're filled up, and they would stop the trigger from going up anyway.
wouldn't the tape get in the way too and just come off?
can you make more detailed instructions
Thanks for the mag design!&nbsp;I'm making a G36E (Or the original version) 1:1. Modded the mag acceptor to fit a &quot;frictionless&quot; barrel. I'll keep you in touch!<br />
THIS&nbsp;dAMN GUN&nbsp;DOESNT&nbsp;FREAKING&nbsp;WORK!<br />
Meant the mag.<br />
Hey, I just wanna say I love the gun and it works sweet. Espescially the removable mag. Great design. Here are some pictures of it next to a 1-1 scale replica AK-47. These show the differences and similarities in the two and give a size scale for future AK makers. Most people I find make them smaller than real.
is that an ak-47 airsoft? or a real
<p>no duh<br /> it has an orange tip on it<br /> so its ant airsoft how can you not know that</p>
air soft it has the orange tip.
hey that looks like a YMCA ak47 did it mess up yet
I think that's 2/3. Oh, yeah, I'm in Ohio now!
more like 3/4 - 4/5
Around that.
amen its gud but the stock and the mag jams and falls out spilling ammo
nice airsoft gun i have a well mp5 upgraded to 540 fps
540 fps! thats wery high! thats one third the power of a desert eagle!!!
My single shot AK101 in Indonesia has 700 fps (mainly because its fer hunting)
some airsoft companies make 1000fps bb guns
Yeah something tells me that will break skin if shot at point blank...stupid but probably true. I scratched one of my friends with a 300fps by just barely hitting the surface of his skin. That could probably open a huge gash...
i shot myself with a 680 fps green gas sniper and there is no feeling where i shot myself it just killed the nertves
yeah i almost shot someones finger off on full auto in a championship game the game was a week long camping game
i got a green gas sniper that shoots 680 fps but none of my friends let me use it cause it puts an airsoft size bullet wound in your arm
Is that a CYMA airsoft gun? The Cyma028?
Nope, the CYMA 0.28 is black and... Oh lol. Look at the bottom of comments and Mykailo posted a pic of one. This is a crappy UTG ak-47 warhawk springer.
Thanks I guess I did cut it shorter than I though although this is also an AK-47 while I tried to replicate a 74. I'm not sure if it is longer than the 47 or about the same but yeah. I suppose you could add another section after the two snow flakes on the fake barrel with a yellow connector on top and bottom and then the green connector on top. You'll probably have to connect that by green rods instead of whites or it might be too long then...
Stocks not that bad mate ;)
&nbsp;yh, its like the real folding stock from the AKS-74U
that carpet is nice!
what part is on the other side of the bend in the magazine opposite the hinge and is there a substitute piece for the ball peice at the top?
hey everyone if you search Knex rocket rifle V2 by knex_gun_builder and you use that stock it might work but it wouldnt look ak-47 ish it would be strong though
inst it ak-47 and wheres the modded pices?
The AK-74 is an upgraded AK-47. Search it up. Ironically the years they were both made in use the same two numbers.

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