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Introduction: Knex AKS-74U

About: I like knexing, if you haven't noticed. Check out my photobucket account!

This is the AKS-74U I've shown you all. Please Rate, Subscribe and Post!
Shoots Blue Rods.

Step 1: Stock, Handle, Mag, and Other Misc. Parts

Stock, Handle, Mag, and other Misc. Parts

Step 2: The Main Section

The Main section. READ ALL NOTES!

Step 3: Assembly

Build it. Use Blue rods. Have fun!

PM or Comment below with Questions or Comments!



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    You better post looks amazing

    1 reply

    Um... bro these kinda are the instructions. It's the best I put together way back when.

    I also apologize for this comment. It was the same day I was mad because I couldn't get it together. I really am sorry. This gun is SO epic! :)

    Haha its alright. Glad you like it!

    Hey, I have a request for you. Can you try making a working M4A1? I have searched for that and couldn't find any, so you seem like the guy to make one. Out of knex BTW.

    I tried a while back that wasn't so good, but I might be able to try again. Give me some time though please I'm not going to be able to crank one out really quickly.

    well in the main section part, the pics are in the wrong order

    1 reply

    I also apologize for this one, they aren't in the wrong order

    I'm sorry, I didn't realize that I could go back and forth through pics to find out how to put it together. So, I am going to try again tomorrow. And in the main section part, the pics are not out of order, your doing great :)

    Black Ops is very unrealistic because the G11 in multiplayer wasnt designed until 1990

    2 replies

    Call of Duty is usually pretty unrealistic lol.

    Which is kinda silly as he found mine the same way he would find another.

    (This is not in a mean tone, just a question)
    How? By telling him to find a different instructable? Wouldn't that be like telling him to go away cause it's not good? Maybe it's just me... I dunno. Thx though.