I got enough requests from various members to post this gun. This gun is very simple and does not eat up too many of your parts. Its easily customizable for sights, scopes, and a grip.

Step 1: Stock

This is the stock of awsomeness. Follow the pics.
You're getting better and better dude
Thank you dude =D Those types of comments encourage me to build better =D
Cool, perhaps it's time to make something different than a gun with a standard mag and ram, try to make some concepts and build them!
Ok =D
Perhaps try to make a pump-action gun. Pump action gives a high rof imo
Good idea =D
Good luck:)
Ive been doing removable mags lol =D
Try make a revomable mag, pump-action shotgun, or a slingshot gun with a mag.If you do try these, I look forward to seeing what they turn out like. <br> <br>P.S. I've always been a fan of you guns, you've got a great designing capability and getting a strong build in a good looking gun.
I would build, but I made project deviance.
Deviance was the better one.
You know, duck tape is like the force. <br>It has a dark side, and a light side. <br>And it holds the universe together. <br> <br>~James
I am wondering to post a 30 bullet mag gun based on this...<br>Should I???
Is the trigger always so hard to pull...mine seems to take a lot of force to make the gun fire D=
That can't be right. Back when I had this gun, the trigger pull was fairly easy. It shouldnt need a ton of force to pull it.
on pic 13 i cant get the white rod to go on the y connecter help please<br>
Looking for a decent gun to build for too long. Think I've finally found one :D.<br>
Nice =D If you would happen to build, can you get a picture of it perhaps?
i will build and post soon like Monday k with all my mods
That sounds cool =D
srry cant this week im too busy
Ah its ok =D New shotgun tomorrow =D
What's the range? I'll build soon if it has nice range and power. I might even do some possible epic upgrades on it when I get the chance. And then if you want you can edit them into the instructable.
This gun can get 55ft with 2 #64 bands so think what it could do with 4. The trigger could survive a nuclear blast =D And if indeed you do manage to get a pic, I will edit into the ible =D
Will do. It might be more than one picture though, as I'll probably do several upgrades. 55 ft's actually pretty good for a conventional repeater. But if, and when I do build this gun I'll brief you on the upgrades before I show the pictures. Oh, and one last thing: 5* and a favorite as respect from me to you,normally I don't do this unless I see the gun has potential and is extremely good with a far range that packs a deadly blow behind it, and your guns have it all. Like people said, you are getting better than you normally started out. And that's just a compliment from me. So once again, 5* and a favorite my friend. :)
Well thank you =D Ill be ready if and when the gun and mods are done =D
Cool <br>
Thank you man =D
your welcome =D
Ive installed the foregrip to the Creeping Death. It also serves as a carrying handle =D
That foregrip improves aim by A LOT. Now its time to install a good scope to the gun.
that sounds like a plan <br>
But you wont like the ammo it needs.
why? what ammo
The ammo is a red rod with a MELTED tan clip. The clip is melted to the rod XD Its the only way it will hold up.
i agree i wont like it lol
Well its the only way it can hold itself together against the 6 angry bands. Other than maybe gorilla glue.
true you have to have ammo that works =D
And this ammo is probably the most deadly.
yes i trink it is
Secret independence day gun coming up!!!
ok cool does anyone else besides me know what it is or is it a secret to everyone else
I will tell you in a Message =D
he beanieostrich, copy paste this link. you'll see that i made a video from your gun. <br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhArCjVO29M
I saw the video =D
Nice one. 4.5*
I&acute;ll build it and take a picture from it but you'll have to wait until the holidays.
Im fine with waiting =D And this time took comment took only 2 hours to show up =D

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