Knex AR-12 Prototype II (How to Build)





Introduction: Knex AR-12 Prototype II (How to Build)

I got enough requests from various members to post this gun. This gun is very simple and does not eat up too many of your parts. Its easily customizable for sights, scopes, and a grip.

Step 1: Stock

This is the stock of awsomeness. Follow the pics.

Step 2: Mag/Barrel/Trigger

Simple, follow the pics.

Step 3: Handle and More Barrel


Step 4: Assembly

Very Simple.

Step 5: Yayz! You Earn a Cookie!!!

No really, you do. Show me a pic of the completed result.



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    You're getting better and better dude

    Thank you dude =D Those types of comments encourage me to build better =D

    Cool, perhaps it's time to make something different than a gun with a standard mag and ram, try to make some concepts and build them!

    Perhaps try to make a pump-action gun. Pump action gives a high rof imo

    Good luck:)

    Ive been doing removable mags lol =D

    Try make a revomable mag, pump-action shotgun, or a slingshot gun with a mag.If you do try these, I look forward to seeing what they turn out like.

    P.S. I've always been a fan of you guns, you've got a great designing capability and getting a strong build in a good looking gun.

    I would build, but I made project deviance.