This is the second prototype of the AR-guns. It works MUCH smoother. Read the stats =D

Very Powerful
Good range 35-50 ft
12 round mag
Great stock
Good ROF
Creeping Death handle
Easy to maintain

Not as accurate as expected
Long Reload time

This is a much better gun than the AR-8 because it NEVER jams, Gets good ROF, and good POWER. 
looks sick, way better that your AR-8 <br>
Thank you =D And you comment did not take a week to show up for once. But only 2 days.
you know you should try and make a mag reciever to make a removeable mag, Just check out the idea and observe the one from Nutty Guy
The AR-20 Prototype IV has a removable mag =D
Sure thing =D I posted this version with instructions though. And that time the comment took 2 days to show up.
I really like this :D Do you have intentions on posting?
Actually I do =D
Nice :) I will probably build it then! It looks simple and good, that's what I like in a gun
Sorry for a late reply, but it is posted =D
Oh okay :) thanks<br>
No problem =D
Thank you MegaMetal8 =D
Is the &quot;Cocker&quot; pin in the stock and u pull it back in stock, like a bolt.
Yes the pin is in the stock. But it is not a bolt action.
Ok, I knew it wasn't bolt action ;)
The blue rod is like a charging handle though.
I meant that
Ah ok =D
Wait, your done building it?
No, sorry
Ah, ok =D Im posting the Creeping Death Mk6 for us to see =D
I Saw
I know =D Im now thinking if I should make War Hawk One's M60.
Oh yeah that. Up to u
i like it.
Thank you =D
no prob bro. ;)
Its getting posted =D
sweet!! im going to build it!!! thanx
looks savage man =D
Cheers mate =D
no prob =D
LOL wait for the next one =D
looks nice. Loving the stock and ram guide. The trigger looks a bit small though.
Kinda true on that, but it works for my hands. Im glad you like it =D
Awesome! =D
Thank you sir =D

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