Hey guys this is Flatout coming to you with the Knex AR-12 Prototype ll !This is Beanieostrichs and i built it so i give credit to him but i do have some mods to it.
(this is the tutorial on the scope Big thanks to dinnertime8 for this  https://www.instructables.com/id/Awesome-Knex-scope-And-A-idea-im-working-on/).And the tutorial for the gun(https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-AR-12-Prototype-II-How-to-Build/  

good range 30-47ft 
strong trigger
scope(good)and very good iron sights
good looks
pretty easy to make mods

long reload time (Ik the same as beanie)
a little to small 

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could you post an ible on the bipod?...yes i realize this is an old ible...but its the best bipod using very few pieces (well that ive found)
theres an instructibe for this bipod i think
u woodn happen to have a link would u?
no i dont
You pretty much made a gun that wasn't great to begin with even worse.
srry dj didnt mean to disappoint you i fixed it and ill post soon
thnks blue tht means alot to me an will do fix
nice =D

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