Knex AR-12 Prototype Ll Modded


Introduction: Knex AR-12 Prototype Ll Modded

About: Commenter: 100th BEANIEOSTRICH (GOODY OLE PAL) 200th 300th 400th 500th favorite Knexers 1) knex freak 360 2)Beanieostrich 3)knex gun builder 4)war hawk one 5)knex freak 6)thefoofinator 7)slimshaddy 8)

Hey guys this is Flatout coming to you with the Knex AR-12 Prototype ll !This is Beanieostrichs and i built it so i give credit to him but i do have some mods to it.
(this is the tutorial on the scope Big thanks to dinnertime8 for this the tutorial for the gun(  

good range 30-47ft 
strong trigger
scope(good)and very good iron sights
good looks
pretty easy to make mods

long reload time (Ik the same as beanie)
a little to small 

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    could you post an ible on the bipod?...yes i realize this is an old ible...but its the best bipod using very few pieces (well that ive found)

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