Knex AR-20 Prototype IV (How to Build)




Introduction: Knex AR-20 Prototype IV (How to Build)

Ok, I got some requests to post this gun and here it is =D Just follow the pics and read the image notes.

Here is the original gun. AR-20 Prototype IV

Step 1: Receiver/Handle/Barrel

Follow and read =D

Step 2: Stock

Sorry for the messed up picture order in the last step =(

Step 3: More Barrel/receiver

Step 4: Mag

Step 5: Final Assembly/touch Ups.

Step 6: You Are Done =D

Yay! If you managed to survive this somewhat confusing instructable, then you are honored with a fine gun. You can mod this gun =D Just give me credit and you will be fine =D



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    Where do you get the stiff white/clear rods?

    I got mine in something called a Starburst Spinner set a long while back =D And your opinion on the gun?

    Pretty nice but i like Seleziona's double blue rod shooting guns better. They just look better but yours has a pin guide and Seleziona's comperly sized gun does not. Now post the reverse crossbow NOW!!

    Ok, I think ive kept you waiting long enough. I will post the R.C.P. Mk4 =D

    When will you post them?

    What range does this gun get?

    It gets 50 ft with 3 #64 bands or 41 ft with 2#64 bands =D