A hopper fed assault rifle that has 8 shots and a P90 trigger. Lets see the pros and cons =D

Very Powerful
Good Range 35-50 ft
Good ROF
Creeping Death handle
Easy to use

Hopper fed, prone to jams and misfires
Can get bad range

Special Credits:
knex gun builder for his P90 mech

A great prototype to have for mods and for fun. 
omg im so tired of going to good looking guns that dont have instructions please post for crying out loud why put it on this site if it doesnt show how to make i mean this is what this site is for my goodness!!!
Well not to worry mate =D I have one with instructions lol. <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-AR-12-Prototype-II-How-to-Build/">Here</a> it is =D
sorry i was just tired of seeing all your amazing guns and not getting to build them thanks it really helped thank you
k cool<br>
i like the ram pull
Meh, I hated this gun.
hurricane coming soon
Yep, Irene is getting closer lol.
Looks great
Thank you too =D
your welcome =D
AR-12 Prototype II is coming out tomorrow =D
Yay! =P
I might like to build it sometime
Im sorry dude. I tore it apart and am currently making a mag fed version.
i like it its a nice prototype man! i would build it.
Thank you =D
no prob.so are you going to post?
If it jams up a lot, probably not =(
o that sucks ;( but it looks cool!
nice one! =D
Thank you man =D
no prob =D
Wait until the prototpye II comes out =D
Looks pretty good!
Cheers =D
BTW, looks nice :D
And thank you =D
How is this a P90 mech?
It has knex gun builder's P90 trigger.
Thank you =D
You used your own trigger man! That's good. Why give credit for something that is your own design?
I just realised it's the trigger from the v2 of the p90, good work
it looks good
Thank you =D

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