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This is my second rocket launcher. I'm not posting, although you might be able to build off of pics (You will have to be very skilled). I think it's great and might rebuild (and post). VERY POWERFUL.

P.S. This is older than my M4 but I couldn't find these pics, so that was first. Darn I just realized I still have my sniper to post. >:/ Ug



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    It was originally an Alien Rocket Launcher.

    Nascar : Non Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks. :-D

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    I just might eventually if I rebuild.... I'd update it a little though....

    why? it is a very easy build with a simple ratchet trigger and a small body, what is REALLY puzzling is a semi-automatic rocket launcher, (i am building one by the way.)

    Because, Im not very good at building something from one pic...

    I might in the future, but it's gone right now.

    If you do post send me the link :)

    heh,easy to build using those 4 pictures,but the bullet is expensive,lol good solid trigger,no where to find,and strange body.

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    ? well ok. the trigger is on the top. I might have a pic somewhere and the body is cool

    oh! sorry ill see if i have a pic. It fires small missles. Ok looking for a pic.

    Okay, so do you have one?