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Introduction: K'nex AS Val

Hey there fellow knexers, this is my k'nex AS Val. I give 100% credit to Mr. Stealth because this is actually the shorter version of a VSS Vintorez. the only differences are: bigger mag, the handle is a bit moddified, shorter barrel and a new but well designed stock. this gun still uses the same mech and has te same range

!AGAIN, I GIVE 100% CREDIT TO Mr. Stealth!



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    Shiiiit hee wat een zieke gun.

    Speel jij BF3?

    dude it's exactly the same gun but only a longer mag, longer handle and different stock.

    exactly , it think his looks more accurate so i prefer it , its personal choice not saying evryone does just me

    ikke wel want ik wil zelf mijn eigen hond ook zo opvoeden want ik heb hem nu net twee weken en ik vind het gwn leuk om te kijke

    lol, ik heb ook net een nieuwe, kijk elke dag dog wisperer :P nice gun btw

    heb ook een hond (labrador :D ) welk ras is die van jullie ? alsk't vragen mag xD?

    als je hem nog hebt, stuur alsjeblieft een paar close ups van de achterkant, kga em na bouwen :P

    thanks, actually i like the comment because the stock was the only part that I made by myself so it's nice that someone sees the stuff that I make LOL

    this gun is allong gone so it's no use to give any sugestions anymore but stay tuned and you will see a M60E4 in a couple of minutes and BTW you're the quickest commenter that I've ever seen =D thanks.

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    Yea, the only reason that I did not reply quickly to this one is because it did not show up in my tracker for some reason =( I saw the M60E4, it was EPIK. My favorite gun is the M240 LMG =)

    oke wel not much of a difference with the M249 SAW is it


    give credit to Mr. Stealth because this gun is al made by him