This an ATM or bank (whatever you want to call it, ABD for animal crossing fans) It takes money and dispenses it into a box. It has a flap for removing money. I give credit to Killer~SafeCracker.
oh now see that i can so nevermind <br>
could u post instructions <br>
you should be able to build it from the pictures.
how do i change my name on instructables <br>
Hmm same concept but I think mine was a bit more clean.
I know i just wanted it to work
Not his fault, he musn't have the newer motors.
I actually do just didnt want to use it on that.
no prob!
how about a lock on it like some of the others so you need to unlock it to get the money
Yea I already broke this to make a fan sooo..... yea.....
I bet I can crack-open it within a minute.
ummm yea anyone can do it under 5 seconds its not really crack proof maybe ill work on that

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