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Introduction: K'nex ATV

This is something I have been wanting to port over to ibles for a while now, and figured "Why not?" when I saw the contest was running.

From what I recall, this model is pretty difficult to put together, so you should have plenty of experience with K'nex before deciding to build it.

Step 1: Gather Parts

I'm not sure how accurate this parts list is, but it's probably pretty close:


  • green 65
  • black (green) 40
  • white (black and silver were used) 41 (21b/20s)
  • blue 33
  • granite (yellow) 8
  • metallic green (red) 2


  • metallic blue clips 10
  • tan clips 1
  • dark grey 32
  • light grey 9
  • granite (red) 19
  • bright red (red) 1
  • green 82
  • light grey (yellow) 17
  • purple (or variants thereof) 15
  • black (white) 4
  • brown (orange) 4


  • hinge (black end) 4
  • hinge (blue end) 6
  • blue spacer 29
  • silver spacer 8
  • ball joints 12
  • ball sockets 12
  • y connectors 26
  • trekker wheels 4
  • 4 rubber bands (I used #64)
  • 1 1-inch black wheel
  • a bendy yellow (neon red or orange work)
  • 4 small wheels

Step 2: Chassis

Step 3: Steering and Details

Step 4: Suspension

Step 5: Front Fenders and Finishing



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    Thanks for your comments guys, you are all awesome.

    Awesome model! In my opinion, this is the best K'NEX vehicle ever! :-) Favorited.

    Nice model! I may try building this sometime with different wheels, since I do not own any of these type of wheels.

    the middle kinda looks like a ramp. if u had a vehicle themed ball machine you could use this as a ramp after a big drop :D epic build btw. best vechile I've seen here probly

    *probably and I also favourited it:)

    Unlike another guy I know from my school…