K'nex ATV





Introduction: K'nex ATV

This is something I have been wanting to port over to ibles for a while now, and figured "Why not?" when I saw the contest was running.

From what I recall, this model is pretty difficult to put together, so you should have plenty of experience with K'nex before deciding to build it.

Step 1: Gather Parts

I'm not sure how accurate this parts list is, but it's probably pretty close:


  • green 65
  • black (green) 40
  • white (black and silver were used) 41 (21b/20s)
  • blue 33
  • granite (yellow) 8
  • metallic green (red) 2


  • metallic blue clips 10
  • tan clips 1
  • dark grey 32
  • light grey 9
  • granite (red) 19
  • bright red (red) 1
  • green 82
  • light grey (yellow) 17
  • purple (or variants thereof) 15
  • black (white) 4
  • brown (orange) 4


  • hinge (black end) 4
  • hinge (blue end) 6
  • blue spacer 29
  • silver spacer 8
  • ball joints 12
  • ball sockets 12
  • y connectors 26
  • trekker wheels 4
  • 4 rubber bands (I used #64)
  • 1 1-inch black wheel
  • a bendy yellow (neon red or orange work)
  • 4 small wheels

Step 2: Chassis

Step 3: Steering and Details

Step 4: Suspension

Step 5: Front Fenders and Finishing



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    26 Discussions

    Thanks for your comments guys, you are all awesome.

    I don't understand Step 1 Pic 6

    Awesome model! In my opinion, this is the best K'NEX vehicle ever! :-) Favorited.

    Nice model! I may try building this sometime with different wheels, since I do not own any of these type of wheels.

    the middle kinda looks like a ramp. if u had a vehicle themed ball machine you could use this as a ramp after a big drop :D epic build btw. best vechile I've seen here probly

    1 reply

    Unlike another guy I know from my school…

    Wow, I remember seeing this project a long time ago. It's such a nice model!

    How do you attach the thing from the fourth picture in picture four to the first picture in picture one?? Thanks, I can't figure out how to put it on.


    Thanks man. I bet with some ingenuity (and a healthy helping of non-knex electronics), radio control would be a breeze. As it stands, I don't think any official K'nex stuff has the ability to squeeze any motors in the already cramped space, unfortunately.

    Wow it just got featured! I thought it deserved it a long time ago..... Oh well, it is now! Good job man, guns are clearly not the only thing your great at making! Hope to see some more stuff from you!

    Every awesome knex model has been posted after I sell all 45lb of knex!!!!


    Good job on the 'ible too!

    This actually reminds me ofthe mongoose from halo reach. Really nice work!

    This looks great I can't believe how real it looks where did u get those wheels?

    1 reply