K'nex AW338 (AKA L96)





Introduction: K'nex AW338 (AKA L96)

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This gun is basically MotaBoi's Intervention with a different stock, handguard, and ram guide, so big props to him for the basic design.  The stock, as far as I know, is of my own design, so if anyone has the same design, I had no idea it existed.  And as usual, if you want instructions, just ask.



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    Can i please have the instructions please. and i'll see if i can do some upgrading and a bit of cleaning up please and thank you.

    Has good looks but the handle looks VERY uncomfortable.

    looks good 4 stars

    I like him =)

    That handle look likes it hurt a lot if you hold it.. Other than that, it's awesome!

    plz post and just so u know everyone check out my new slingshot sniper and tell me if u want me to post it post a comment and im buildin an l96a1 aswell so slideshow will be on soon and my sling shot sniper does not look liike it does on the slide show ok so post comment on my slide show or send me a message

    That's because I modeled it after the variant chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum, which has a larger magazine than the 7.62 NATO version you probably have in mind.

    nope...nope it doesnt, the l96 arctic warfare fire both rounds actaully

    boy would i love some instructions for this...

    post instructions...that would be most aprectiated(for me)

    Nice! You could add some bendy rods inside that handle, to make it more comfortable.

    hi. very nice gun. the only thing i dislike about it is that is has no instructions. 5*

    The real one doesn't have a "real" handle. It has the thumb hole.

    What I meant by that way something other than a connector jabbing into you hand, not a 45 degree handle.