Knex Abacus





Introduction: Knex Abacus

Counts up to 999. It's made to be used as a hand held or table top.
Build from the pictures. There are 9 blue spacers per line. I will not be making an instructable. The pictures were generated on Mlcad.



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    A little basic, but not bad. 2.5 stars.

     Well... actually this isn't basic. ALSO its the first one ever made on this whole site. This is no piece of crap block trigger junk gun, its an ancient counting machine, made out of knex. Plus i don't see you designing one. AND If you did i bet you didn't design it in a 3D Knex modeling program. Give this 5 stars. NOW.

    yes very good comment i agree with you

    Thanks for defending it, but that was a little pushy. "Give this 5 stars. NOW." is over the top. Be conscious of your audience, pushing someone that doesn't see your way will incline them to turn away from your way of thinking. Be persuasive, but leave the decision up to them.

     :P i dont care. i hate haters. they deserve no respect or nice acting. they suck. period, end of statement.

    If you hate haters, you hate yourself. Lol

    If you hate those who hate, you are no better than they are.

    With all respect, but;

    1: I didn't said it was bad! I said it was a little basic, and not bad.
    2: Why do you think I couldn't design one? How do you know what I can design and what not?
    3: What does a design on MClad add to the value on a knex instructable? Sure, it makes things clearer, but it is no reason to rate it higher.
    4: I don't think it deserves 5 stars, because I only give 5 stars on the best of the best of the knex models. Like I did on your Freeslinger and your TankBow, or on the Heavy Cannon.
    5: Like Oblivitus said, you can't force me to give it 5 stars. You can ask me to change the rating nicely (like seleziona did below), but you can't arrest me if I don't.
    6: And finally, I'm no hater; if I was, I would rate it 0.5.

    So, can we please settle down and forget about all that just happened?

     Agreed srry. i was tired of reading bad comments today and i was not very nice to you. My bad :(

    Sorry :(