Introduction: K'nex Air Fan

Picture of K'nex Air Fan

Step 1: Parts List

Picture of Parts List

Step 2: The Motor

Picture of The Motor

Step 3: The Fan Attachment

Picture of The Fan Attachment

Step 4: Connecting 2 & 3

Picture of Connecting 2 & 3

Step 5: Grid Pt. 1

Picture of Grid Pt. 1

Step 6: Grid Pt. 2

Picture of Grid Pt. 2

Step 7: Grid Pt. 3

Picture of Grid Pt. 3

Step 8: Grid Pt. 4

Picture of Grid Pt. 4

Step 9: Connecting 4 & 8

Picture of Connecting 4 & 8


puppetjax (author)2013-06-18

Thanks, just put something together at the last minute...

hunter999 (author)2013-06-13

I agree with sandro - I think you should support it far more in the centre, good job though!

sandroknexmaster (author)2013-06-12

Looks a bit unstable.

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