Pretty boss replica. Shoots pretty far. 

Step 1: Front Portion

1. Front Grip. 
2. Frontal view of grip.
3. Make this.
4. Make this.
5. Different view. 
6. Add it here.
7. Add piece from picture 3.
8. Add two brown (orange) connectors.
9. Make this.
10. Make this.
11. Make this.
12. Build this.
13. Different view.
14. Make this.
15. Combine like so.
16. Combine like so.
17. Add this part from before.
18. Add two green (red) rods. Slide the fake barrel into the grip.
19. Connect as shown.
20. Add these. (both sides)
21. Add this. 

Front portion finished. Onto the stock. 
grande swag of bakenbitz you are so awesome making al these cool guns.. <br>today im gonna make this ak-74.. and i will try to make the red dot from the wii on it.. .. <br> <br>5 stars for being a awesome knex bulder <br>5 stars for good looking gun <br>and if i buld it and it shoot good 5 stars for the range!
Do you play black ops or MW1 on Wii? (if so, can I get your allie code?)
i now have... <br>ak-47s <br>m-16 <br>ww2 sprinfields <br>colt peacemaker of my own design <br>grenades <br> simple chaingun <br>all made of knex <br> <br>I AM NOW PREPARED TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!(EVIL LAUGH!!!!)
You forgot teh AEK 971!
i dont have hindges can you show me a replacment
Ball joints maybe?
I would add it on. But then it wouldn't shoot.
You could probably figure out a way to make it work. I did. :)
what kind of gun is this? semi auto, bolt action etc....
Pretty sure its a repeater.
how many yellow(grey) connectors does this use?
I remember this thing. It was sick. I'll have to probably build it again sometime. I think your torque bow instructions were deleted though. Perhaps you could re-post it? I want to try and build that again too.
Yeah, I'll re-post it.
Cool, thanks.
looks awesome :) 4.5 stars
Looks sick! 5* just for looks.<br>
Looks great bakenbitz, I thought you only used your GrandeSwag account though.
I can't post comments, but I can post instructables. :/
That is strange.
wow man !! this looks awesome :p 5*

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