Knex Ak74u




Introduction: Knex Ak74u

I meant to post this along time ago but I never got around to it......doesn't shoot.....please comment



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    Great gun! I have a mp40 if you want to see it please tell me on my battle fleet

    Ya i know......thanks

    Nice, looks good! But it can be better....

    1) The stock could be improved, it could be filled in more as at the moment it look very flimsy.

    2) The magazine can also be improved. At the moment, it has a sudden bend to make it in that shape but it could be curved like Blue Mullets. You could also make the mag removable, that would be a nice touch.

    3) Maybe you could work out a pin-pull mech so it can shoot.

    Other than the above, its a really neat gun! I personally like the body. :-)

    Ya I tiny have enough pieces to make a good mag and the stock is actually pretty sturdy and the mag is remove able....but thanks man

    Ha thanks man....ya I still didn't have enough pieces to make the mag good