I meant to post this along time ago but I never got around to it......doesn't shoot.....please comment
Great gun! I have a mp40 if you want to see it please tell me on my battle fleet<br>
Looks good! (except the mag :p)
Ya i know......thanks
Nice, looks good! But it can be better....<br> <br> 1) The stock could be improved, it could be filled in more as at the moment it look very flimsy.<br> <br> 2) The magazine can also be improved. At the moment, it has a sudden bend to make it in that shape but it could be curved like&nbsp;<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-AK74u-3/" rel="nofollow">Blue Mullets</a>. You could also make the mag removable, that would be a nice touch.<br> <br> 3) Maybe you could work out a pin-pull mech so it can shoot.<br> <br> Other than the above, its a really neat gun! I personally like the body. :-)<br> <br> <br>
Ya I tiny have enough pieces to make a good mag and the stock is actually pretty sturdy and the mag is remove able....but thanks man
Ha thanks man....ya I still didn't have enough pieces to make the mag good

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