Hey Peeps! Tornado96 and Shadowman39 are proud to present our first collaboration: the Alternating Arm Lift!

This lift uses the concept behind Shadowman's Alternator Lift. However, the "alternators" are attached to arms, making it transport the balls a lot quicker. It also has concepts found in the stepper lift (the see-saw at the top).

Our goal for this lift was to make a fast, piece efficient lift and we think it came out pretty well! We hope you enjoy building it as much as we did!

This lift introduces a new instruction format: there are steps that give instructions on modules, which can be added to the middle of the lift to make it taller. See Step 8 for more information about the modules.

This lift works with the newer balls and the original balls.

Here's a video of the lift in action:


We know you guys want to get building, so how about we get started! Woah, not so fast... You need pieces first! :-) The next step is the piece count. 

Step 1: Piece Counting Time!

Picture of Piece Counting Time!
Here's all the pieces you'll need to build the alternating arm lift. Note that the pieces are named after their classic colors.

Rods: 363

green- 42
white- 74
blue- 98
yellow- 60
red- 65
gray- 20

Connectors: 295

dark gray- 51
light gray- 21
red- 25
green- 24
yellow- 53
white- 16
orange- 30
purple- 49
blue- 20

Other: 89

Y clip- 7
tan clip- 12
blue spacer- 39
silver spacer- 20
blue gear- 2
red gear- 2
small wheel- 3
small tire- 3
motor*- 1

Total: 747

And, of course, you'll need balls. 

*Newer-style motor. The one we used in this Ible is the green one; keep in mind that motors of other colors go different speeds. For example, the black one goes slowest and silver goes fastest.
MisterBukweet6 months ago

Awesome lift... just finished and tested it... Now to try different motors on it to see if I can speed it up... its much slower than I am..

lunabot10 months ago
My control rods keep snapping only on the right also the orange connector by motor keeps coming off please help asap
www1391 year ago
I did it (only I did it with four lifts instead of six - parts...annoying-)
Nice job!!

This is awesome! I love how it runs so smoothly.


This is one of the best lifts ever build!
Can you make this lift much higher if you use the K'nex 12v motor?
Thanks! And yes you can make it higher since that motor is stronger.
I fink I'm gonna to use that, but I'm already building again.. :)
Let me guess, it's a ball machine. :-P
How do you know that? You'r scary!
I guess I'm good at guessing. ;-)
This is very similar to the stepper lift
Hm, not too much, but the modified stepper lift is similar to that. :-P
You'r pro at guessing! Is there no "World championship guessing"? And I'm building like Austron, but only one wall.. I got not enough red rods..
Make blue rod towers instead. :-P I always seem to have red rods left over because of making blue rod towers. And I definitely don't have enough pieces to make a ball machine go around my room.
Yes, you'r right, but if you make high blue rod towers they are not stabilize. And don't you have enough pieces? You got more than Astron!
I don't have more than Austron, he has 50,000+ pieces. And if I were to make a room machine I'd want it to be very dense. Blue rod towers can be as strong as red rod ones if they are the same size.
Hmm, but you got much more than I got.. And if you make blue rod towers with the size of red rod tower I got never enough blue rods..
Yeah I don't have enough blue rods either. :-P
Does Shadowman have not enough blue rods?! You got 10 times more blue rods than I got!
you can NEVER have enough pieces.
right now for apocalypse i'm already low on yellow connectors.
Haha, sure it is.. But now, I have bought so much, I've enough for at least a month! ;P
well, in the past 2 months i only bought like 8k knex...... :P
Well, the last month I only bought 50 kilo K'nex.. :D
how many pieces is that?
Uhh, I don't know, but that's very much!
how much knex do you have in total?
Around 150 kilo..
You have more pieces than I do, I only have around 40,000 and you have around 60,000.
let's through gumps collection in here.....
was it 200k or 300k?
I thought it was almost 400k.
Just checked, 380k
Ah yes, I remember that topic. He's just so glad to brag about his collection. :-P
lol, i wish i had that much knex :P
I think every Knexer does.
i saw you had a typo first :P 'ever'
/me hides
But I corrected it, so it's all good. :-)
I would've have been too lazy for that x.x
could be >.>
Does anybody have mroe knex than gump? ^.^
Not that I know of. Except maybe someone who works at Knex.
but they don't get to use all the pieces in a nice, big, model x.x
They can if they make one of those Big Builds.
but i bet they are never allowed to, due to budget stuff....
No, I got not more than you, that can not be...
In the advertisement which I bought they said 50 kilo, And that's 1/3 of my whole collection.. So I think it was not 50 kilo because I can't have more than you, sorry..
Well, without the 50 kilos, we'd have the same amount.
I have not more than you, never and never!
without your latest package we'd have the same amount, i believe >:(
also, somehow recently there have been tons more comments between the two of us on ibles ^.^
It's because we're both online. :-P
things'll change in 10 days.....
Either you're going on vacation again or you're planning to hack my internet and make it disconnect in 10 days. :-P
school starts x.x
So you won't be on Skype at all? :-(
yes, i will, just not this late ^^
Around 20,000 (110 pounds)
That's what you get for building that huge loop. :-P
uh, and the elevator lift, and the helix lift using more yellow connectors and and and ^^
This is why you should stop building lifts and begin on the paths. ;-)
What do you think i'm doing? :P
I thought you were planning new lifts. Either that or delivering mail.
I'm not delivering mail, i'm not Derpy Hooves!
I thought you were! Who have I been talking to this whole time then?
i'm just some other pony........
I should have enough blue rods for Citadel at least. :-) How many pieces do you have?
Haha! I have no idea how much piece I got.. :(
hunter9992 years ago
Nice, looks really cool!
Np =D
cooljupjup2 years ago
hay i`am already built it with step 9-12 is it possible to make 9-12 2 times?
Tornado96 (author)  cooljupjup2 years ago
You can make that section as many times as you want but you'll need to get a stronger motor. By the way, I think you have a comment duplicate problem
ah okay. wtf comment problem? how can i fix it?
Waarschijnlijk heb je 2 keer snel achter elkaar op de 'post' knop geklikt.
Oh okay. ;p
Yep :D
cooljupjup2 years ago
hay i`am already built it with step 9-12 is it possible to make 9-12 2 times?
This is so awesome! I love the way it works. If only I had enough foresight to design such things myself...
Thanks man! Once you get an idea, reproducing it is the hardest part
By the way, I'm building a ball machine using this lift (with one extra module) as the main lift. Hope that's ok... I figure that if someone takes the time to post something like this, they intend for others to use it. I'll give credit of course. :)
Credit should be given where credit is due. Good luck! Looking forward to see what you come up with!
Me too. Yeah, I guess it just seems that every conceivable lift and element has already been invented. lol :D But people still make new ones, so it must just take patience.
Man 5***** thats awsome lift never seen one like that before
Your welcome
GREAT!!!! cool lift! I think I'm gonna use it :)
Tornado96 (author)  sandroknexmaster3 years ago
Thank you Kind sir! :-D
I subscribed:D
Tornado96 (author)  sandroknexmaster3 years ago
Ah thank you for that as well! :-D
Cool, thanks!
np :D
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No, it says follow on the button, not subscribe. :-P
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No, it was on purpose moar :P
y u trolling? :(
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:-D Great Job youngling!
Ah you should have misspelled something so I could troll you as well. :-)
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You cant combine more and roar. Doesnt make sense. "subscribing is more roar awesome: ????? :P
You CAN combined it to moar :P
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You cant combine more and roar. Doesnt make sense. "subscribing is more roar awesome: ????? :P
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NO! Subscribe is for noobs
subscribe is for real gurus :P
Sorunome3 years ago
EPIC lift!
Oh, and I had a very similar idea....maybe i'll make my idea some time... :P
Thanks, that can be one of your weekly Instructables. :-P
...maybe :P
You're my 5300th commenter!
*yay* :D
But, you won't be on the list since I changed it to 500th commenters. :-P
You should have linked to that Darth Vader thing. :-)
sorry, here you go:
Tornado96 (author)  Sorunome3 years ago
sure sure...

Glad you like it! :-)
Haha, I rated it 5*s before it was published :P
sathothy3 years ago
Awesome new lift!
Tornado96 (author)  sathothy3 years ago
Thanks man!
jameshond3 years ago
nice lift
Tornado96 (author)  jameshond3 years ago
thank you kind sir :)
KneXtreme3 years ago
Yay! A new lift. definitely a lift I'm going to use. Nice work.
Tornado96 (author)  KneXtreme3 years ago
Thanks man! Hope it works!
Thanks! Glad you'll be using it.