Step 34: Motor Section, Part 2

This part has the motor and gears.
hey shadowman do i need that motoror can i use a different one? and also whats a ball joint piece and ball socket piece? <br>
You can use a different motor. The ball joint and socket pieces are the pieces that are in Knexmen.<br> <br> <a href="http://knex.com/building_toys/black_ball_socket.php?partType=standard" rel="nofollow">Ball socket</a><br> <br> <a href="http://knex.com/building_toys/black_ball_joint.php?partType=standard" rel="nofollow">Ball joint</a>
do you need the wheels
Awesome! Great job!
Do you mind if I use this in my ball machine? Brilliant! 5* =D
You can use it, and thanks!
Also, whats the blue clip?
Here's a link:<br> <a href="http://knex.com/building_toys/stard_metallic_blue_clip_connector.php?partType=standard">http://knex.com/building_toys/stard_metallic_blue_clip_connector.php?partType=standard</a><br>
Ok cool, thanks! I was just checking, 'cause I didn't want to start building this and find that i didn't have them! =D
i made this lift for a school project, and i am now making paths, Thank you so much!
Cool, thanks! Does it work well?
i changed some minor things, but it worked well!! <br>i didn't had those ball sochets etc
how high does it take the ball
You can make this as high as you want. This one takes it about 3 red rods up.
thats a lot of steps. nice! you used this on cataclysum (or however its spelled)
Thanks, it does have a lot of steps. :-) But they're easy steps.
On that parts picture, you see that Ring Lift :-) (what's that large tower right of it?
The tower was for a contest on Knex Forum.
very good idea <br>
and there's 999 views now XD<br>
did u put this into ur catacalysm ball machine? oh and guys u have to see that ball machine
This is going on Project Quatro, obviously modded, because I don't have enough chain links to make a tall lift :) How's cataclysm?
Good, I'm taking a break on it this weekend, but I'm in the fourth path.
awesome 5*
do you you have a video of the inverter lift&nbsp; and did you make the ball machine twister and sorry for asking so many questions
No, <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/I_am_Canadian/" rel="nofollow">I_am_Canadian</a> made Twister. I don't have a video of an inverter lift.<br />
did i_am_ canadian ever tell you how long and how tall Twister is
ok thanks ( :
okay just asking
so you like ball grabers don't you
Look at the 6th step and then read my commment.
You just now noticed it. xD
I just saw the ible! XD
41 STEPS?!?!?!??!?!? ARE YOU FRICKEN KIDDING ME??!!??!?!??!?!?!?!??!?1
Lots of those steps are short and easy.
Step 6 ftw.
The step title made me LOL.<br />
'Ball Grabbers' LOL
Lol, that's the only name to call them. :-P<br />

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