Step 40: Ball Pusher

You're almost done! Just build the ball pusher, which will push the ball to the exit when it gets to the top. Then attach it to the top of the tower.
hey shadowman do i need that motoror can i use a different one? and also whats a ball joint piece and ball socket piece? <br>
You can use a different motor. The ball joint and socket pieces are the pieces that are in Knexmen.<br> <br> <a href="http://knex.com/building_toys/black_ball_socket.php?partType=standard" rel="nofollow">Ball socket</a><br> <br> <a href="http://knex.com/building_toys/black_ball_joint.php?partType=standard" rel="nofollow">Ball joint</a>
do you need the wheels
Awesome! Great job!
Do you mind if I use this in my ball machine? Brilliant! 5* =D
You can use it, and thanks!
Also, whats the blue clip?
Here's a link:<br> <a href="http://knex.com/building_toys/stard_metallic_blue_clip_connector.php?partType=standard">http://knex.com/building_toys/stard_metallic_blue_clip_connector.php?partType=standard</a><br>
Ok cool, thanks! I was just checking, 'cause I didn't want to start building this and find that i didn't have them! =D
i made this lift for a school project, and i am now making paths, Thank you so much!
Cool, thanks! Does it work well?
i changed some minor things, but it worked well!! <br>i didn't had those ball sochets etc
how high does it take the ball
You can make this as high as you want. This one takes it about 3 red rods up.
thats a lot of steps. nice! you used this on cataclysum (or however its spelled)
Thanks, it does have a lot of steps. :-) But they're easy steps.
On that parts picture, you see that Ring Lift :-) (what's that large tower right of it?
The tower was for a contest on Knex Forum.
very good idea <br>
and there's 999 views now XD<br>
did u put this into ur catacalysm ball machine? oh and guys u have to see that ball machine
This is going on Project Quatro, obviously modded, because I don't have enough chain links to make a tall lift :) How's cataclysm?
Good, I'm taking a break on it this weekend, but I'm in the fourth path.
awesome 5*
do you you have a video of the inverter lift&nbsp; and did you make the ball machine twister and sorry for asking so many questions
No, <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/I_am_Canadian/" rel="nofollow">I_am_Canadian</a> made Twister. I don't have a video of an inverter lift.<br />
did i_am_ canadian ever tell you how long and how tall Twister is
ok thanks ( :
okay just asking
so you like ball grabers don't you
Look at the 6th step and then read my commment.
You just now noticed it. xD
I just saw the ible! XD
41 STEPS?!?!?!??!?!? ARE YOU FRICKEN KIDDING ME??!!??!?!??!?!?!?!??!?1
Lots of those steps are short and easy.
Step 6 ftw.
The step title made me LOL.<br />
'Ball Grabbers' LOL
Lol, that's the only name to call them. :-P<br />

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