Introduction: Knex Annoying Machine

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This knex annoying machine is simple yet effective. When you turn the crank, the sound that comes out of it will annoy everybody within hearing range.

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Step 1: Parts Count

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Orange - 2

Grey 3D - 24

Yellow - 4

White - 2


Green - 28

White - 2

Blue - 1

Yellow - 1


Blue Spacer - 1

Sliver Spacers - 3

Tan Clip - 1

Red Gear - 1

Step 2: Making the Whole Machine

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Pic 1: Make the bottom of the box.

Pic 2: Build the top of the box.

Pic 3: Slide a yellow rod with a tan clip into the bottom of the box.

Pic 4: Add a red gear with a few spacers to the yellow rod.

Pic 5: Snap white rods around the edge of the box.

Pic 6: Slide the top part on and connect it to the bottom with green rods.

Pic 7: Add a few spacers and snap on the crank.

Step 3: You Are Finished!

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Your Done! Turn the crank fast, but don't get too cranky!


dynamite_kid (author)2017-07-12


Lexi Knex (author)2017-01-06

voted ^.^

random_builder (author)Lexi Knex2017-01-06

Thanks :)

chipalip100 (author)2017-01-06

Not the first annoying machine made out of knex

I know. This one is smaller than all the other knex annoying machines.

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