Knex Anti- Wepon/ Anti Personal Round





Introduction: Knex Anti- Wepon/ Anti Personal Round

Here is a cool round i just invented with the help of my friend tape360. It's shot out of a any normal pistol. i.e. KillerK or any copy with nothing blocking the front of the barrel.
Its explodes on anything that its fired on. Its especially useful for knocking the chain off a belt fed MG. But it will pretty much disarm any gun thats its fired at. When I shot it at my test dummy it had around 8 huge welts in it!

Hope you like it!

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Step 1: The Piece List.

Yay! Its the piece list! All 8 of them!

Step 2: The First Part!

Build what you see in the pics. Its really simple!

Step 3: The Loading and Priming.

After you have the big wheel rim attached. Add 3 silver spacers ( 9 blue ) then snap in a black Y clip connector. Now its Primed.

Step 4: Putting in the Gun! and Shooting It .

To load just insert it into the barrel. Then aim at the belt of the MG or just aim at your unsuspecting friend! Ha! Hope you like it!

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    what the anti-personal more like the "anti-social round lol

    i have changed my name and pic to nothin i cant get in to it

    i also made a mini one using the new knex they have released the tiny knex and i used a pen spring

    I made a compact version of this grenade and i won a nerf wars with that grenade

    Awesome, but There are no spare large springs just laying around my house, or I'd have made a few of these rounds already.

    Do you have junk Airsoft guns?