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Hey everyone, I have just finished, yet another K'nex project that i have been working on for quite some time now! It is my new Anti-Material Crossbow. This thing is awesome, it shoots a large projectile a very long distance and "packs a punch" so to speak. I tried to use as few pieces as necessary while still keeping the weapon strong and sturdy. Since most of the structure on the gun is on the bottom I hardly need any support on top because the bottom structure of the gun absorbs all most of the pressure from the rubber bands. Therefore i can have a very piece efficient top structure on top while still giving the small amount of support it needs. Although this weapon is somewhat piece efficient for it's type it still requires a lot of pieces and for the most part, blue rods, white rods, and purple 3D connectors in general.

  • Long Range (50-150ft)
  • Powerful
  • Large Ammo
  • Some-what Piece Efficient
  • Easy To Reload
  • True Trigger
  • Strong Structure
  • Crossbow Increases Power And Range

Well thanks for visiting my Instructable, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment!


knexinventor72 (author)2017-11-22

Post instructions

knexpert15 (author)2017-08-21

please post some instructions man

Creatorcreeper (author)2016-04-30

Plz instructions :P

cwatson15 (author)2014-07-30

could you please post some instructions??

Wyattr55123 (author)2013-07-05

Nice slingshot. It uses rubber, therefore it is a slingshot

TheRacker (author)2011-11-10

Have you heard of IaC's heavy cannons? They are much better designed and posted fully.

joshqua (author)TheRacker2012-06-05

can you get me a link?

TheRacker (author)joshqua2012-06-05
There you go. He has 5 versions.

joshqua (author)TheRacker2012-06-05

sweet thanks

KnexFreak360 (author)TheRacker2011-11-11

Yes, i have and they use to many pieces for me.

rudedude119 (author)2012-03-16

where is guide?

fordf150man (author)2012-02-29

awesome the range is crazy this is just epic!!!

KnexFreak360 (author)fordf150man2012-03-02

You built?

fordf150man (author)KnexFreak3602012-03-05

no i dont have enough knex lol

TheRacker (author)2011-12-25

10% mine? What are you talking about?

KnexFreak360 (author)2011-12-18

Explain so?

Dashadower (author)2011-12-18

not a big bullet eh?

Dirtyboyy (author)2011-12-03

Do you know Wicky? *that's a clew.

KnexFreak360 (author)Dirtyboyy2011-12-03

I've only made 9 crossbows counting the overkill.

KnexFreak360 (author)Dirtyboyy2011-12-03


There was a guy named Wicky who made a lot of crossbows.

Oh lol.

~KGB~ (author)2011-11-05

looks great!

KnexFreak360 (author)~KGB~2011-11-05

Dude, V2 is so much better looking and its shorter and shoots farther becaus eof the new bow design!

~KGB~ (author)KnexFreak3602011-11-06

post it.

Then I wanna see V2 lol.


Ill be waiting. =)

An Villain (author)2011-11-04


dr. richtofen (author)An Villain2011-11-05

+ 1

nfk11 (author)dr. richtofen2011-11-05


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