Here is an Apache helicopter i made from knex... it's just based off a few pics that I found on the web. if enough people want me to, i'll make an instructable on how to build it. I hope that you guys like it, it's my first knex thing I've posted on this website. I'm also working on other things... anyone have any suggestions?
It's awesome it looks lifelike apart from the colours good job can you post some instructions for it<br/>
Cool . do you build these from other peoples ideas or your own?
Very good! 5*! Please could you post this because i'm making a roller coaster themed on destruction, and I really want a helicopter as part of the scenery!
<br>i'll try if I get the chacne, no guarantees though
Thanks :)
Which soulless gits rated this at 3.79? No, I won't have that, 5 stars should make things right.
Very nice model! 4*
I think you have a lot of potential in this area of making things. I am a intermeadate beginner my self. But u did a great job. I think u should try making other things too... maybe a car or something else?
thanks... i'm still wondering what to do next. I've considered building a tank or a jeep, but i just don't like the idea of building them. for some reason, this was really fun to build, maybe because it has such an interesting figure. A tank would be boxy and boring to make. but if I find something else that is interesting, ill take a shot at it.
you should. you have alot of potenital. i think you should. have a great time making them.
looks gr8!
Looks pretty cool! I like it.

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Bio: i build scale model airplanes, cars and stuff, and play video games at home. im in highschool, i BMX with my friends.
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