this is a knex ball machine element

as the ball passes the archimedes screw turns

Step 1: The Supports

make these

Step 2: The Path

make these

Step 3: The Archimedes Screw

make these

connect the green rods to the yellow/gray connectors

Step 4: Assembly

Step 5: Congratulations

you cant make this higher because its not very sturdy
if you want to make it higher try to make the archimedes screw sturdy

what does it do <br>
when the ball slides down the path that blue thing turns
nice ball machine
this is not a ball machine but a ball machine element
i had the same dising (little difrent) in my knex crane and that crain is like 25 years old :)
I saw this on you tube but it was a little different
you may not know this but that has been used by the knex company but this can be used as a lift:-)
Nice design.&nbsp; Do you have pictures or video of it in operation (i.e., lifting balls)?<br /> <br /> I'm not sure that &quot;new&quot;&nbsp;is entirely accurate, though it may very well be new to you.<br /> K'nex has it in <a href="http://www.knex.com/Educators/lessons/lesson_192.pdf" rel="nofollow">lesson 192</a> of their Teachers' Guides.&nbsp; It's also included in the K'nex <a href="http://www.acsupplyco.com/knex/machines.htm" rel="nofollow">&quot;Exploring Machines&quot;</a>&nbsp;schools kit.&nbsp; And there's even a <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hC8j6JwD8Y" rel="nofollow">You Tube video</a> of someone else's design.<br />
cool<br />

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