Knex Archimedes Screw (knex ball machine element)

Picture of Knex Archimedes Screw (knex ball machine element)
this is a knex ball machine element

as the ball passes the archimedes screw turns

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Step 1: The supports

Picture of the supports
make these

Step 2: The path

Picture of the path
make these

Step 3: The archimedes screw

Picture of the archimedes screw
make these

connect the green rods to the yellow/gray connectors

Step 4: Assembly

Picture of assembly

Step 5: Congratulations

you cant make this higher because its not very sturdy
if you want to make it higher try to make the archimedes screw sturdy

Knex12353 years ago
what does it do
when the ball slides down the path that blue thing turns
nice ball machine
this is not a ball machine but a ball machine element
aarrnnoo4 years ago
i had the same dising (little difrent) in my knex crane and that crain is like 25 years old :)
Tyler20195 years ago
I saw this on you tube but it was a little different
cupcake435 years ago
you may not know this but that has been used by the knex company but this can be used as a lift:-)
kelseymh5 years ago
Nice design.  Do you have pictures or video of it in operation (i.e., lifting balls)?

I'm not sure that "new" is entirely accurate, though it may very well be new to you.
K'nex has it in lesson 192 of their Teachers' Guides.  It's also included in the K'nex "Exploring Machines" schools kit.  And there's even a You Tube video of someone else's design.
~KGB~5 years ago