Knex Armoured War Tank.





Introduction: Knex Armoured War Tank.

About: My name is Hiyadudez. I make stuff. "The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure."

This is a Mini, cool tank wich has a working gun on top, a 2-speed motor, and treads.

It it very strong too :)



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    whens the instructions being posted

    those are epik whats the name of them

    Very nice size! I have a number of large RC Tanks and this looks like a great and original project! Might try it if I get the time.

    wow like those WANT ONE!

    What are they for? Military use or just R/C toys?

    Lol, they are just RC toys :)

    k, do they actually shoot cause that wood be awesome!

    BB pellets i think.

    That's the weaponized version, known as SWORDS, or Special Weapons Observation Reconnaissance Detection System. Quoted from Wikipedia: There are a variety of different weapons that can be placed on the SWORDS; M16 rifle, 5.56 mm SAW M249, 7.62 mm M240 machine gun, .50 cal M82 Barrett rifle, a six barreled 40 mm grenade launcher or quad 66 mm M202A1 FLASH incendiary weapon. SWORDS units have demonstrated the ability to shoot precisely. It is not autonomous, but instead has to be controlled by a soldier using a small console to remotely direct the device and fire its weapons. Foster-Miller are currently at work on a "Game Boy" style controller with virtual-reality goggles for future operators. So no, they don't shoot pellets unless you mount an airsoft gun.

     ouch, pop up .50 cal shooter!!!!! no more setup needed.
    also, a 6 barreled grenade launcher mounted on that would pown mw2 or BC2

    Actualy they are military.

    so cool add instructions and i will build one

    The only thing i don't like is that the gun is placed so high, but otherwise it's cool! :P