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Take a look at my attempt to a K'nex army knife I made.

So, tell me what you think!

Pretty easy to make, I'm not going to post.

Greetz, H1T4TCH1
finally a great knife
Actually, its not that good. The blade is too wide/big.
Well.. We do not want it to break do we?
True dat.
nice one
thanks man ! you are like obama, always positive ±P
no prob! lol, like keeping things happy around here =D
that's how everybody notices you =D
lol, thank you =D
To be honest, I usually don't see the point in k'nex melee weapons, but this looks like quite a decent design. Nice job :D
I don&acute;t either you know, but I just tought: Let&acute;s try a different thing !<br><br>So I did, thanks man 8D
i like it 5 *****<br>
Thanks !

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Bio: I like being creative.
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