Knex Artic Eagle





Introduction: Knex Artic Eagle

This is my Knex artic eagle (yes i made name up) pretty easy to make (i cant make a hard one) Shoots good with good bands. hope ya like!!!!

Step 1: Pieces

# needed in yellow box.

Step 2: Body, Trigger, Ram

Make em all.

Step 3: Putting It Together...

Title explains it all............

Step 4: Adding the Bands...

Again look at title...

Step 5: Loading and Shooting...




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    The only good part about this is the near maximum pin drawback, which would be more effective with a longer pin.  The top loading isn't really efficient (I tried something similar more than a year ago, it didn't work to well.)  But since you're a beginner, I like the effort.


    Top loading isn't efficient?

    It's easier to load for one. I made a pistol a little bigger than IaC's spiff. If you've seen Bitz's halo shotgun and saw how it worked, my pistol worked the same. Little ramp that you push the bullet onto then push forward.

    The advantages were pretty decent, I could load the whole 12 round mag in a couple of seconds since I could load like 3 at a time (Can you do that with a bottom loading gun?).

    The gun also held a couple in the chamber, which allowed it to hold a few more than most guns it's size. Another thing was the fact I could load whilst shooting, since it was a pistol I could pull the pin back, load another bullet and shoot at the same time. Pointless but fact was I could do it, and do it  fast.

    It's okay. Not the best, but not the worst. I'd say about 3.5*. (Don't take that bad, as 3* is average)
    I have an idea for you. If you have a fair amount of knex, search knex and choose the rating link. Then build one of the best guns. You can learn how to make better guns by doing that. Good Luck.

    I thought 2.5* was average.

    Oh.... Well that's even better then.

    wow you are exactly right. i didnt know how to make anythhing gun related until i built every gun on the first 5 pages. now i can make guns up all the time.

    Unfortunately, I don't like how the handle connects to the body. If you make the barrel one connector longer (backwards) then the handle would connect smoothly. Then, you could make a longer ram.
    I also like the true trigger and the top loading, both are good features to have, especially seeing as you are a beginner.
    Overall, 3.5 stars for rating. Keep it up, you'll be great some time soon.

    I like how, for someone who is a beginner (if that is what you are), it at least top-loads. Well done. 3.5*