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Hey everyone, this is my updated hidden blade which I've finally gotten around to post pictures of. The updated blade now features a ring that fits around your finger to pull up the lock in the back for the blade to release the blade for use. All you have to do is fit the blade around your arm and put the ring on your finger, and with one flick of the wrist your blade is released and shoots out and your ready to go. The image notes can help further explain the mechanism. Also, my updated blade features a miniature gun on the side of it to fire any kind of rod(s). The gun is pretty powerful and does the job if your wanting to reach out for ranged target. I guess you could say it's a lot like Ezio's Hidden Blade, but it's still just a generic hidden blade that isn't specified to any assassin character. It works like a charm and it even works with long sleeved shirts or jackets. I hope you enjoy and remember to:



The Cannoneer (author)2013-02-15

Can you post your V2 Hidden blade Instructions? I really want to build it. Cheers! :)

Um, this hidden blade is a lot better, why don't you want this one?

Its got some pieces that I dont have, such as the chain links and the Ring.
Dont get me wrong mate, I love this one.
If you dont want to post the old one, can you make a tutorial for this one, without the chain links? Cheers :)

The ring isn't a knex piece, it's just something I found. You could use anything that fits around your finger. And the chain links can be replaced with bendy rods and connectors.

Ah, I see.

Looks like i was mistaken :3.
Sorry about that mate. No problems.

Should be easy to fix now that i have some idea on what to replace it with :)

Any idea on when the instuctions will be released? :) Cheers!

No, I have no idea when I'll post instructions.

Is that sarcasm? xD
Seriously, I really want to build this mate :)

No, I seriously don't know when I'll post instructions. Well, I could get started today maybe........

Please get started! I really wanna build this :D

So, Are you gunna post it? :)

Cause' if your not, Ima try build it from the pictures.

Yes, it's being posted. I'm about half-way through the instructions. If you could just be patient with it because I don't know when I'll be able to finish. I would love to complete it this weekend, but I think I might be busy.

Nice! I would like to build this...maybe. BTW, what does your user name mean? How do you pronounce it?

Well, I'm not sure what my name means exactly. Raz1r is pronounced like "razor." Raz1r is just a name my cousin started using on video games while back, so I've sort of adopted it. And Knex is there because I love knex. Bull3t is pronounced just like "bullet." I put Bull3t there because, well I'm not really sure. I guess it could be because I'm good with guns and stuff. I don't know.

Well, that is what I thought it was, but I did not know if I was correct. Are you working on any guns ATM?...Do you still have that M4A1 built?

Are you ever gonna post that grenade launcher? Ever?

Yeah, I'll post it next weekend or something. I just completed my musket for history class.

Sweet. Can't wait to see it...

Also if you didn't know, my past username was Knexgeek, which still is a dumb username just like my current one. Too bad I can't change it again.

By the way, how do you attach the string for the ring to open it? And if you do another version, maybe you could try making it dual action, like this:

Lol, I've seen that video before. And I must say, it's really hard to do that with knex.

And why the heck does my browser warn me that all your hidden blade posts are pornographic?

What the heck? That doesn't sound right. I don't even know what to say to that one, considering the fact that I don't even look at that crap. Porn is just plain wrong to begin with. I don't know what to tell you, maybe ask your parents about that.

Not a big deal anyway. My browser has been glitchy...

Well, I have to agree with you there.

MrShadowKnight16 (author)2013-02-16

Can you post?

So, uh, how many of these were you planning to make?

Actually, I wasn't planning on improving the thing that much. I just got carried away and decided to make it better.

TheAwesomestDude (author)2013-02-15

they keep getting better and better with each one you make

Thanks! I always look at the flaws that my projects have and then fix them.

yeah me too


Relax, you could substitute those chain links for something else.

didexo (author)2013-02-15

Awesome, I love how compact/clean thins looks. Would love instructions :D

nfk11 (author)2013-02-14

i would where this all the time.

Raz1r Knex Bull3t (author)nfk112013-02-15

*Wear. Lol. : )

nfk11 (author)Raz1r Knex Bull3t2013-02-15

haha lol

sandroknexmaster (author)2013-02-14

Cool! The minigun is even more hidden than the blade :D

Yeah, lol. Well, that's because it's smaller. XD

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