This is the hidden blade I made a while ago. It's a single action, but it goes in very easily. It locks open and is very comfortable to wear. It is really just a modification of Razr Knex Bull3t's design, which is actually someone elses which he ripped off. Hope you like it.
<p>modify orange end pieces on end of blade add knife = real hidden blade!!</p>
By the way, you can strap a real sword to this and make it even cooler!
Heh, nice.
Ok, sorry about that.
Lol, I actually have an updated version I haven't posted pictures of yet. If you haven't noticed I have noted before on my slide of who this belongs to. &quot;Credit goes to Zean.&quot; I stated this in one of my slides.

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Bio: Just an ordinary guy making knives in his backyard.
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