K'nex Assault Rifle


Introduction: K'nex Assault Rifle

About: Hi, my name is master-splinter306. Before I talk about myself, I want you to know about Linkin_J_Knex. He is a great guy. Please check out his profile and subscribe to him. Now about me, I love ma...

Hey again instructables! Master-splinter306 here with my brand new Assault Rifle. This took me 5 hours of non-stop work! It has a great firing rate. I built this because I have not done an instructable in a while. So I made it! I was planning to make a double barrel shotgun, but that will be saved for next time. So I hope you guys like my k'nex assault rifle. I'll see you guys next time!



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    Thank you so much dude! I love your youtube channel.

    Thank you so much dude! I love your youtube channel.

    A great looking gun even if its range is -1 :) your best guns aesthetically are this and the SMG. :)

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    Looks good! You are getting a lot of friction from that barrel so maybe try five layers or something. The friction kills your range by a lot!

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    I'm not trying to be a jerk but I wouldn't post anything that doesn't shoot! Try a slingshot mech or something sometime