This is my first K'nex gun i am goin to post on here if you lot think is should, here is just a few pictures and some info about it. It was intended to be a assault rifle but it kinda ended up lookin like a sniper so combined the two. 

Pro's - very powerful if using the right rubber bands, fully working mag., fairly easy to pull back firing pin, very reliable, looks quite good, compact and sturdy, hurts people :)

Con's - every so often the mag will jam but i mean very rarely, not thought of a sight yet :(

So just let us know if you think i should post intstructions for this gun.
POST!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah, and a piece count would be nice
if you add y connectors to the clip, it can be removable.<br><br>also<br><br>POST!
do not post at all
lol you cant exactly say that. your gun sucks balls
im not sayin that im just sayin we need more innovative guns and less of these old non cool lookin guns.
yeh...... ummm i need some help on a new idea..... here check it out --&gt;&nbsp;<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Semi-auto-knex-assault-rifle-SAKAR/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Semi-auto-knex-assault-rifle-SAKAR/</a>
oh yeah coz yours looks proper cool
dont understand
very good plz post
very nice.
Please post- the community needs more guns now not much are posted

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