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It's a remake to the Diablo Assualt Pistol. Enjoy


soccer9112 (author)2012-12-31

if you would like i will put instructions up

jmm72 (author)soccer91122013-01-01

Thank you it would be nice if you did.

soccer9112 (author)2012-12-31

I made this just from the pictures so awesome. I made a few modifications. Other then that it was perfect. thank u 5 stars :D

Drakencas (author)2012-04-16

plz post plz post 5* post plz

hugamo67 (author)2012-03-21

wheres instructions

james4 (author)2011-08-26

slap a trigger guard and a stock on it and BAM you got a mediocre smg

me is assisin (author)2011-04-20

correction its assault,
(no my grammar is not that good but i just saw it....)
and i believe theres no such thing as an "assault pistol"
i dont try to be bitchy, i just dont like it when ppl call something assault pistol ^-^'
otherwise, i like it.
you should make an instructable on how to build it, i think alot of ppl would like it:D

jmm72 (author)me is assisin2011-04-20

thank you btw why dont like assault pistols

Knex_Gun_Builder (author)2010-09-02

Coolness! 5 stars and subbed!

jmm72 (author)Knex_Gun_Builder2010-09-02


Knex_Gun_Builder (author)jmm722010-09-02

No problem!

jmm72 (author)Knex_Gun_Builder2010-09-02

i subbed to you i like your blazer

Knex_Gun_Builder (author)jmm722010-09-02

Hey Thanks!

jmm72 (author)Knex_Gun_Builder2010-09-02

your welcome

Knex_Gun_Builder (author)jmm722010-09-02

Thanks for the 1100th comment!

jmm72 (author)Knex_Gun_Builder2010-09-03

thanks for the 100th comment! lol

Knex_Gun_Builder (author)jmm722010-09-03


~KGB~ (author)2010-07-29


jmm72 (author)~KGB~2010-07-29


~KGB~ (author)jmm722010-07-30

no prob

An Villain (author)2010-07-28

I like the design, And you have incorporated things most people do not attempt until "later on" (when that is i have no idea) But good job.

jmm72 (author)An Villain2010-07-29


An Villain (author)jmm722010-07-29

You are welcome.

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