This is a Knex Assualt Riffle that has decent range and is easy to use. I give credit to Young Cookie Boy's Break Action Riffle. The instructions for the mag are pretty bad, and if you have questions just ask. P.S. go see the newer version

Step 1: Trigger

Step 2: Sight

Step 3: Barrel

Step 4: Mag Pusher

Step 5: Ram Rod

Step 6: Stock

Step 7: Mag

This was the part I was talking about. If you have any questions ask.

Step 8: Putting It Together

Step 9: Rubber Bands

Step 10: Reloading

dude... fix the handle...
ok, I have heard enough about my hande so I put one on.
The handle you put on is terrible.
can you stop complaining about the handle?
If it can be improved and if it needs improving, then I can't.
ok then keep on complaining about the handle knowing that it works for me
It still sucks though.
The handle on your gun sucks.
Look on the bright side, I'm trying to. Have a look at all the other noobs first guns, and compare them to this one. I'm quite impressed.
You're trying to what? Stop stalking my comments and replying to all of them.
First gun, very good. Have a look around at some senior members stuff such as DJ Radio, SilentAssasin21, Dutchwarlord, Oblivitus and kNeXFreek's stuff to learn off them.

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